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Understanding Beliefs and Behaviors
Understanding Beliefs and Behaviors

Our deeply-rooted beliefs about life and who we are greatly influence the behaviors we choose to engage in, as well as the behaviors we choose to ignore. By understanding what is important to you and your life, you can identify what influences your behavior the most. In doing this, you can see what influences your addictive behavior the most, and work through trying to figure out how to best take hold of that belief/value system to then make it work for you and not against you in your sober life. Here at CASA Recovery, identifying recurring themes in your life will make you more conscious about your beliefs, and because beliefs determine behaviors, this can help you make the connection to the contributing factors for your addiction.

Individual and group counseling can help address these beliefs and behaviors, and possibly redefine them so that they serve to improve your life. Individual counseling will greatly assist you because you can talk one-on-one with an expert on these things to gain insight into who you are and why that belief/behavior holds so true in your life. Group counseling can also help address this, because you can see bits and pieces of yourself in others and can also see how your fellow patients have worked through their addictive behavior. We also have free family group on Sundays, and there it can be even more clear where your beliefs come from and where they are rooted. More often then not you can see that your beliefs stem from that of your parents, siblings, or who you grew up with, and then you can more accurately address them.

CASA Recovery believes in treating the whole person- we don’t just want to get rid of your physical addiction, but we want to get to the root of the addiction to lessen the possibility of relapse and to assist you in getting on with your full and complete sober life. Contact us today for more information and to learn more about treatment options.

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