Group Counseling

Group Counseling for Mental Illness

People who suffer from mental health conditions can often feel very isolated and alone. For this reason, group counseling is considered highly effective for rehabilitation of people suffering from all types of mental health conditions including, depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction. Mental illness treatment counseling programs offer another route for self-exploration and acceptance through the support and encouragement of others in similar situations.


Group Counseling in Mental Illness Treatment provides Continued Support

Many people who have completed an inpatient or residential mental health treatment program continue to receive support for many years after. This is because mental health conditions are generally chronic or ongoing, requiring treatment and assistance for an indeterminate length of time. Group therapy sessions allow people with similar health conditions to find support within a tight-knit group, all sharing the same objectives of getting better.


Group counseling provides people with someone to lean on whenever they need it. No two people are the same when it comes to mental health and it is not possible to predict situations which may trigger a relapse. Having someone who can be reached out to whenever the need arises is a big comfort, particularly for someone in the early days of recovery after mental health treatment.


Group counseling gives participants a sense of inclusion which is very important in boosting self-confidence to help them in recovery. Knowing that there are others just like them, each looking for their own way to enjoy life while living with a mental illness is hugely valuable for people in group therapy. Mental illnesses can be very emotionally and psychologically distressing; making it vital those suffering from them feel supported by people who understand them.


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