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How Casa Recovery Treats Depression

Depression (also known as Major Depressive Disorder) negatively affects how you feel, think, act, and engage in life.

It is most definitely treatable; however, it requires someone willing to accept the treatment and to do the work to get out of the hole depression has put them in. This can prove tough when acknowledging the symptoms, including sadness, loss of interest, feeling worthless, thoughts of suicide, loss of energy, and more. Depression can come from multiple causes, including grief, bereavement, life circumstances, a traumatic event, and more. Sometimes, there is no obvious root cause of the disorder, it just manifests within something else. With depression, you can have the typical psychological symptoms, however physical symptoms can also come into play in terms of increased sedimentary activity (like sitting, laying down, etc.), unnecessary activity (like hand-wringing or stretching/straining), and more.

Depression is an increasingly common mental illness that affects millions of Americans every year. As a chronic illness, depression is not something that can be overcome overnight. Casa Recovery offers specialist mental health treatment that is focused on helping individuals cope successfully with depression in their daily lives. Here we take a closer look at depression as an illness and mental health treatment in Southern California.


Casa Recovery Can Help Fight Depression

Here at Casa Recovery, we want you to know that depression doesn’t have to go with you into your future. You can get treated here and now at our depression treatment center in San Juan Capistrano, CA and move past this block in the road. Our trained and capable staff are dedicated to client success and satisfaction, and will work with you to understand the root or cause of your depression, and help you treat it both with therapy and coping mechanisms. Contact us today for a consultation and to understand all of your treatment options. Let us help you get your life back here at Casa Recovery, conveniently located in Southern California.

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Depression is more than just a temporary state of mind or a feeling of being “down.” It is also not something a person can “snap out of,” making it difficult for others to understand. Although there is a connection, there is no stereotypical person who is likely to develop depression. Even people who others consider to have everything can fall victim to this sometimes devastating illness.


The main challenge a person has when they have a mental health condition like depression is that others can’t see their suffering. Because of the widespread misunderstanding of depression, people overlook the fact that the negative thought processes driving the illness are not voluntary. Some people with depression describe it as having the lights switched off in their world, making it impossible to see beyond their desperation.


The dangers of depression are significant. There is a strong correlation between depression and substance abuse as people find themselves self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. Depression also carries a risk of accident or injury, sometimes fatal, as a result of suicidal thoughts that are symptomatic of the illness. However, there are now numerous treatment paths people can follow to overcome depression including personalized mental health treatment programs at Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA.


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Our helpful staff cares and wants to make sure you heal from your mental health issue or dual-diagnosis issue in the healthiest way possible. Contact us today to start your recovery process and get back to your life.

Understanding Depressive Disorders

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders suffered in the US today.​

Depression is more than feeling down for a few days; rather being an illness that sufferers need to learn to deal with for a lifetime. Depressive disorders are mostly characterized by intense and persistent feelings of worthlessness, overwhelming sadness, and interrupted eating and sleeping patterns. When a person is experiencing acute depression, they are very likely to have suicidal thoughts and feelings.

There are different types of depressive disorders which we take a closer look at here:


Major depressive disorder: The symptoms of this most common type of depression are likely to interfere with a person’s ability to carry out their daily responsibilities at home, school, or work. At points, a person with major depressive disorder is likely to suffer acute episodes which may be experienced for prolonged periods of time. The body’s immunity can sometimes be compromised as a result of major depressive disorder.


Dysthymic disorder: This is a persistent form of depression that causes a person to feel negatively for most of their day, extended over a period of two years or longer. As with other types of depression, people with dysthymic disorder are likely to experience acute episodes from time to time.


Premenstrual dysphoric disorder: This is often referred to as PMS or PMT and is characterized by depressive feelings around a week before menstruation. This is a hormonal-linked condition that can be eased with certain contraceptive medications.


Psychotic depression: This is a very severe type of depression that requires specialist treatment. People with psychotic depression are likely to experience hallucinations and delusions along with feelings of nihilism, death, guilt and extreme inadequacy.


Postpartum depression: It is not uncommon for women to develop major depression within around four weeks of giving birth.


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): SAD is a condition that is triggered by seasonal changes, typically from spring and summer to fall and winter, although not exclusively. SAD can be partially treated with light therapy although it is more effective when offered with other therapies at the same time.


Understanding When You Need To Seek Treatment for Depression

Casa Recovery aims to cure and treat depression not by medication, but through holistic therapy. We do not believe in simply giving you anti-depressants, which only alleviate the symptoms of depression but never really cure the underlying problem. Instead, we’ll design a tailor-made therapy program to address your inner hurt and anger, and help you release them through group therapy and individually scheduled sessions in a safe setting. If you need to stay longer, we ensure a continuously comfortable, supportive, and uplifting environment. By the time you leave, you can be confident that you have developed a better way of dealing with your emotions.


If you feel a bit down, that is normal, everyone has days or moments like that, but sometimes it is hard to shift negative thoughts and feelings and they can work in league with each other leaving you struggling to function in a healthy way. If these symptoms persist, you may be suffering from depression. You may choose to mask or hide these painful feelings and thoughts by using alcohol or other addictive substances and this can become a problem if you develop a dependency on them.


It may be that substance or alcohol abuse has led to depression, either chemically, or as a result of their effect on your ability to keep a grip on your life. The symptoms of depression are very similar to those of people with drug or alcohol problems, low self-esteem, pessimistic thoughts about the future, feeling that life lacks meaning, lack of energy, poor cognitive function, and other signs of imbalance.


Treatment in a comfortable environment will address the underlying issues of your particular situation and using holistic therapies you will find ways of dealing with your emotions that do not involve medication. Medication will just mask the symptoms and won’t help you going forward. YOU can take control of your rehab by practicing techniques for dealing with emotions in a nurturing environment.


Our trained counselors will take you through a program designed to ease your distress and allow you to express yourself in a safe setting. You will learn to recognize that it is OK to feel down but also that just as you don’t want alcohol or drugs to control your life, you don’t want to be controlled by negative thoughts and feelings either.

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Overcoming depression requires the help of specialist therapists such as our team at Casa Recovery. We help you identify the negative thought processes that drive your depression and help you find ways of changing the way you feel. We also arm you with effective tools to cope with depression so that you can find your own way to a healthy and happy recovery. If you would like to know more about our mental health treatment center in Orange County, CA, contact us in confidence today.


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