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CASA Recovery Treats Depression

Depression (also known as Major Depressive Disorder) negatively affects how you feel, think, act, and engage in life. It is most definitely treatable; however, it requires someone willing to accept the treatment and to do the work to get out of the hole depression has put them in. This can prove tough when acknowledging the symptoms, including sadness, loss of interest, feeling worthless, thoughts of suicide, loss of energy, and more. Depression can come from multiple causes, including grief, bereavement, life circumstances, a traumatic event, and more. Sometimes, there is no obvious root cause of the disorder, it just manifests within something else. With depression, you can have the typical psychological symptoms, however physical symptoms can also come into play in terms of increased sedimentary activity (like sitting, laying down, etc.), unnecessary activity (like hand-wringing or stretching/straining), and more.

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Here at CASA Recovery, we want you to know that depression doesn’t have to go with you into your future. You can get treated here and now at our depression treatment center in San Juan Capistrano, CA and move past this block in the road. Our trained and capable staff are dedicated to client success and satisfaction, and will work with you to understand the root or cause of your depression, and help you treat it both with therapy and coping mechanisms. Contact us today for a consultation and to understand all of your treatment options. Let us help you get your life back here at CASA Recovery, conveniently located in Southern California.

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