Psychotherapy Treatment for Mental Health


Psychotherapy Treatment for Mental Health

The most commonly used type of mental health therapy is psychotherapy, which is often combined with medications to treat all types of mental illnesses. Psychotherapy includes a number of treatment techniques and most of us are familiar with the “talk” aspects involved between therapist and patient. During psychotherapy, a patient is guided to talk through the factors that are underlying their particular mental health condition.


How Does Psychotherapy Help?

Psychotherapy is intended to help people with a mental health condition to:

  • Identify and understand the thoughts and feelings contributing to their illness so they can be modified
  • Recognize the life problems or events such as bereavement, serious illness or divorce that triggered their illness
  • Regain control of their lives for a better sense of fulfillment
  • Adopt healthy coping mechanisms to prevent relapse

The types of therapy given in mental health treatment include the following:

  • Individual: This is face-to-face therapy focused entirely on the patient.
  • Group: More than two patients participate in therapy at the same time, drawing from personal experiences and working together towards common goals.
  • Marital/Couples: This is specific therapy for spouses and partners living with someone who has a mental health disorder.
  • Family: It is important that family members are on board with the treatment of a loved one. Research shows that treatment is more effective when individuals are able to return to a supportive environment in recovery.

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