Psychiatry for Mental Health Treatment


Psychiatry for Mental Health Treatment

Although most of us have heard of psychiatry, not everyone knows exactly what’s involved. People seek help from a psychiatrist for many reasons. Sometimes they can be going through a difficult life experience such as divorce or bereavement or they may have a mental illness such as PTSD or anxiety. There are numerous reasons a person might require psychiatric help, some of which might be short-term problems and others potentially more serious.

Psychiatry for Addiction Treatment

Over the past 50 years, addiction treatment has changed almost beyond recognition. Whereas traditional recovery models such as 12-Step advocated addiction as a sign of moral weakness, more modern approaches accept that it is an illness that can be overcome. These days our attitudes have changed toward people struggling with substance use and abuse and we are more accepting of the fact that their negative behavior is beyond their control.

However, one component of addiction treatment that has contributed significantly in the past half-century is the field of psychiatry. Psychiatric treatment for addiction is evidence-based, which means that results are backed by solid research. Psychiatric therapies including CBT are now commonly used in rehab centers like Casa Recovery to allow people to identify the root causes of addiction. Once people are able to recognize where their addictive behavior originates, they are able to change the negative thought patterns and actions driving the illness.

The psychiatric approach to addiction treatment incorporates the following principles, which have been shown to promote long-term sobriety:

  •  Addiction is an illness that can be treated despite its complexities
  •  Addiction treatment should last for as long as the individual needs to heal
  •  Every person should have a personalized treatment plan based on their specific needs
  •  Treatment should be accessible to everyone
  •  Counseling and other discussion therapies are effective in combating addiction
  •  A person can recover from addiction even if they didn’t voluntarily enter rehab
  •  Treatment should address individuals as a whole person in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  •  Addiction medications when used in combination with other therapies provide the most effective component of rehab for many people


Using Psychiatry in Mental Health Treatment

Psychiatric treatment for mental health conditions always follows a clinical diagnosis. Psychiatrists are also physicians and they are able to draw a complete picture of an individual’s physical and mental health. Their specific training allows them to understand the complex dance between emotional and physical illnesses and how they are affected by key factors such as family history and genetics. Psychiatrists are trained to provide very specific diagnoses after performing a full range of lab tests and discussing things with the patient.


The kind of treatments used by psychiatrists varies although generally includes different types of psychotherapy, pharmaceutical medications, and psychosocial interventions. Other treatments may also be used such as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT depending on the individual needs of the patient. Psychotherapy is the component of psychiatry we are most familiar with and involves discussion between therapist and patient.


There are different types of psychiatry and each therapist may offer a different approach. However, the principles are broadly the same for all therapists. Much of the effectiveness of psychiatry depends on the strength of the therapist-patient relationship which is, of course, an individual experience. Ultimately, the best types of treatment programs for people with mental illness are those that have been designed with the individual’s needs in mind.


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