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  • ADD and ADHD – What Do They Mean? (2/26/2021) - We hear the words ADD and ADHD a lot. You or your child may have been diagnosed with one. Still others are sometimes told “you’re ADD/ADHD” either in jest or as a subtle suggestion. Let’s look at what these labels mean, how you may be able to recognize the characteristics, and some mainstream treatments used […]
  • Be Nice to Yourself to Improve Mental Health (1/27/2021) - It’s often hard to stay positive and healthy during the middle of winter. These are typically cold, dark days with few holidays to brighten things.  Plus, many of us consumed too much rich food and heavy drink during November and December and are now feeling the effects. It’s easy to feel down, negative, depressed, and […]
  • Removing the Stress from Your Holidays (12/18/2020) - This time of year when we’re surrounded by wonderful holidays should be the best part of life. But as anybody can tell you, the holidays are often the most stressful few weeks of the year.  Having to buy gifts on a tight budget, seeing family and friends, and dealing with overeating, more alcohol, and other […]
  • Celebrity Couple Address Addiction Recovery After Relapse (11/21/2020) - Actor Dax Shepard and his actress wife Kristen Bell recently talked about relapses, substance use disorders, and addiction recovery. In hopes of helping other people who may be going through similar situations, the couple decided to be publicly candid about the actor’s recent relapse to substance use and extensive battles with dependence. Using his podcast […]
  • National Depression Screening Day, Mental Illness Week and World Mental Health Day (10/23/2020) - October is adorned with efforts that seek to promote awareness. Among those efforts are: Mental Illness Awareness Week, which starts on Sunday (October 4), National Depression Screening Day is observed during the same week (on Thursday, October 8), and World Mental Health Day (Saturday, October 10). According to recent research conducted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, US […]


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