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  • STAYING SOBER AND SAFE THIS HALLOWEEN (10/24/2018) -   When someone has completed rehab and overcome addiction, they journey is not over. Although addiction is an illness that can be successfully treated to allow people a happy life in sobriety, there is no cure. The majority of people go on to face challenges in their daily lives that have the potential for relapse, […]
  • KEEPING MENTAL HEALTH A PRIORITY IN SHIFTING WINTER SEASON (10/17/2018) -   For some people, the darker and colder months of winter represent a type of depression that is connected with the changes of the seasons known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. For many people, the winter months herald the onset of this seasonal depression while for others, the spring or summer triggers the condition. […]
  • WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN CHOOSING A DRUG AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTER (9/25/2018) -   Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an intensely personal journey and so is rehabilitation and recovery from the illness. For this reason, people select rehab centers for different reasons in order to find the one offering programs that best resonate with them. Some may prefer the traditional approach of 12-Step, whereas others may seek […]
  • CELEBRITIES AND ADDICTION: WHY WE ARE SEEING MORE CELEBRITY ADDICTS (9/8/2018) -   Ultimately, celebrities are normal folk with all the issues and problems we all experience in our lives. That said, we tend to imagine they life stress-free lives where the only decisions they have to make is which car or home to buy next. We live in a world where we still believe that money […]
  • HOW TO IDENTIFY HIDDEN ADDICTION INDICATORS IN A LOVED ONE (8/29/2018) -   If you have noticed a close friend or loved one has been behaving out of character and you suspect there may be more than meets the eye going on, what can you do? Perhaps they are drinking more than usual and to excess or they have started hanging out with different people in unfamiliar […]