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  • New Year Goals to Help In Recovery (12/30/2019) - Everyone tends to make optimistic promises in the New Year, empowered by the prospect of turning over a new leaf on January 1st. However, for someone overcoming substance abuse, it is not as simple as making a promise to quit. That said it is still possible to resolve to take steps towards getting help for […]
  • Common Holiday Stressors and How to Avoid Triggering a Relapse (12/23/2019) - Many people find the holiday season stressful, mostly because they feel forced to participate when they would rather not. People who are recovering from substance abuse can find the holiday season particularly challenging as they work to protect their sobriety. However, it is still possible to fully engage in the holidays and enjoy every minute […]
  • How to Deal With Addiction During the Holiday Season (11/26/2019) -   The holidays are a time of year most of us look forward to but people with addiction often don’t feel the same way. Dealing with substance use disorder during the festivities is much more challenging during the holidays than at any other time of year. This is mainly because it is a time of […]
  • How to Manage Your Mental Health This Thanksgiving (11/20/2019) - For most of us the holidays are the best time of year but not everyone looks forward to the festive season. Some people dread the whole experience, particularly if they are coping with a mental health condition. It is generally a time of year when family and togetherness come into focus which can leave many […]
  • Stress Management Tips for a Healthy Recovery (10/29/2019) - One of the most significant challenges a person faces when they have completed addiction therapy is dealing with stress. All of us suffer from stress at some point during our day, although most of us are able to cope with the small irritations we face. For others recovering from substance abuse however, these small irritations […]


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