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  • Summer Activities to Help Keep Your Mind Healthy During Recovery (7/25/2019) - When you have worked your way through alcohol and drug rehab, you have to reeducate yourself on how to have fun. Some people in rehab fear that they won’t be able to enjoy themselves without drugs or alcohol although that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s absolutely no need to avoid having fun in […]
  • The Importance Practicing Self-Care During Recovery (7/15/2019) - Many people who have struggled with addiction or another mental health condition find they have neglected themselves. One of the main objectives of mental health treatment is to equip people with the tools to cope with their condition when they return home. One of the most important aspects of an aftercare program is self-care and […]
  • How Your Environment Can Affect Your Mental Health (6/25/2019) - The environment you live and work in is extremely important to your mental health. It makes sense that if you live in a house or work in an office where there are stressful circumstances or difficult relationships that some people may not be able to cope. It is not uncommon for people experiencing stress in […]
  • Importance of Having a Strong Support System During Recovery (6/17/2019) - Research shows that when people leaving rehab for mental illness are supported in recovery, they are more likely to succeed. People with mental health issues like depression, anxiety or substance abuse often become withdrawn and isolated from those around them. This can be for varying reasons including a fear of being misunderstood or the fact […]
  • Improve Your Mental Health This Summer (5/24/2019) - Most of us look forward to the summer, especially if we are only allowed limited vacation time with our jobs. However, for some people struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness, the summer can trigger difficult thoughts and feelings. Some sufferers feel they are completely losing control of the way they feel, which overwhelms […]