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  • Joining Voices for 2020 National Recovery Month (9/19/2020) - Through September, the US observes National Recovery Month. This means that organizations, individuals, and initiatives across the country seek to raise awareness of mental health and substance use disorders and to educate our communities on the benefits and availability of treatment services for mental health and addiction recovery. While the focus of National Recovery Month is often […]
  • Tips for Nervous System Regulation (8/21/2020) - Our nervous system is likely one of the most complex and organized networks that we have access to throughout our lives as human beings. However, for us to learn how to improve the ways we might be able to regulate our nervous system and, consequently, have better control of how we manage our organic responses […]
  • How Does Caffeine Consumption Impact Anxiety Disorders? (7/29/2020) - Caffeine is the most popular habit-forming psychoactive substance in the world. While people who consume caffeine can still maintain a healthy diet, the fact that the substance is present in many beverages and food items can make avoiding it difficult. The US Food and Drug Administration suggests that the intake of up to 400 milligrams of caffeine is not known […]
  • Targeting Trauma on PTSD Awareness Month (6/16/2020) - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month is observed in June across the U.S. every year. This month, national organizations and individuals work collectively not only to spread awareness about trauma but also to educate others on the types of treatments available and proven to be effective.  Targeting trauma, while focusing on how it affects the members […]
  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Mental Health and Substance Abuse (5/22/2020) - Unusual times come with a natural increase in confusion, fear, and uncertainty about the future. The insecurity about how each of us may proceed to be impacted by the current events, combined with social distancing, has been extremely challenging for our mental health.  The challenge is especially exacerbated when it comes to people who have […]


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