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  • Get Moving – 5 Ways to Exercise That Will Enhance Your Recovery (7/27/2021) - People in recovery are often told they should get on a regular exercise program. Doctors and therapists often include this in their advice, and for good reason. Getting up and heading out to run, walk, workout at a gym, or simply do a few exercises – all these can improve mood, give you more energy, […]
  • The Importance of Men’s Health Month (6/26/2021) - Men’s Health Month is observed in June of every year. It’s an important time to remember the health challenges men face. And why those problems lead men to live 5 years less than women on average. Why are men less healthy? Higher rates of serious illness and shorter life span can be directly attributed to […]
  • Therapy and Substance Abuse Treatment (5/29/2021) - Individuals with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) have an intense focus on or addiction to certain substances including alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs. Addiction is a complex, severe, and treatable disease that is characterized by uncontrollable, compulsive substance seeking behavior that causes changes in the brain’s structure and function. Despite harmful consequences that happen to […]
  • Your Mental Health Wellness is Essential (4/23/2021) - Having positive mental health will allow you to realize your full potential and find ways to cope with your life stress. You’ll be more productive at work and can make a better contribution to your community. It’s okay to seek professional help. Connecting with the right people, both professional and personal, can help you cope […]
  • ADD and ADHD – What Do They Mean? (2/26/2021) - We hear the words ADD and ADHD a lot. You or your child may have been diagnosed with one. Still others are sometimes told “you’re ADD/ADHD” either in jest or as a subtle suggestion. Let’s look at what these labels mean, how you may be able to recognize the characteristics, and some mainstream treatments used […]


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