PHP Treatment for Mental Health

What Is A Partial Hospitalization Program?

For those who are struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse and are looking for more information about partial hospitalization program treatment in Orange County, and have questions about what the program is like, we’re going to take a close look. We’ll take a look at what our partial hospitalization program in Orange County is like and what is included.

A partial hospitalization program, sometimes called a partial program or PHP, is considered to be the most comprehensive and intensive of all outpatient treatment programs. These programs will have a requirement of attendance from Monday through Friday, for 6 hours, sometimes longer, and will include a wide range of therapies, case management, individual psychotherapy, psychiatry, psych-educational classes and other activities designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. 


Depending on the treatment facility, there may be activities such as yoga, art therapy, or meditation and mindfulness based groups. In some cases, the partial hospitalization program may also coordinate with a detox or residential treatment center as well, in order to support the needs of the patient and the capabilities of the facility.

How To Know If It’s Time For A Partial Hospitalization Program?

Making the decision to seek professional help is a big step toward recovery, and successfully navigating the various types of care options can be overwhelming. An individual can often get a formal evaluation of their eligibility by speaking with a licensed clinician or mental health professional or contacting the admissions department of a treatment program. Some of the most common criteria that must be met include:

  • Being medically stable
  • Not a risk of harming themselves or others
  • Experiencing challenges with daily living and functioning at work or school
  • Being motivated to actively participate in their treatment

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What To Expect From A Partial Hospitalization Program In Orange County?

Many people are hesitant to enter treatment simply because they are unclear on how treatment works and what their days will look like for the next several weeks or even months The typical days in a PHP will include both individual and group therapy sessions, psycho education, process groups, life skills and emotional regulation, real-world practice, experiential activities and regular evaluations by mental health professionals.


The patient will arrive at the facility the first day of their program and will begin the admissions process. The patient will be evaluated by the psychiatry team, and if medications are needed, medications will be ordered for the patient. On the first day of the program, in addition to attending some group sessions, it is common to also meet with your primary therapist or case manager for an introductory session. It is not typical for most partial hospitalization programs to serve lunch, so during your lunch break you may have to leave the facility to get food or you can bring it with you in the morning. Partial Hospitalization Programs are not often connected with their own housing options, so patients can live at their homes or in a supportive living environment. Some treatment programs however do have supportive living options for patients but there is usually a monthly rent that is required. In cases where the patient is living in a supportive living environment with other peers in the program, transportation to and from the day program is usually provided. 


What individual and group sessions are part of a particular patient’s treatment plan will depend on their unique needs. A patient’s treatment schedule may be built around methods like cognitive behavioral therapy, or around other alternative methods like trauma-informed care, or even yoga.


It is important to note that a partial hospitalization program in Orange County will require a significant availability of time each day. Most programs require up to 6 hours of programming Monday through Friday during the day. This means that many people will need to take time off from work or school or attend to these responsibilities on off treatment hours. 

What Are The Elements Of Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

While these are going to be the common elements of many partial hospitalization treatments, each facility will have differences and variations. In most successful programs, your treatment plan will be highly tailored to your specific needs, so your experience will be unique to you. 

Individual Psychotherapy

A foundation of evidence-based psychotherapy is essential for building a strong and lasting recovery for your mental health or substance use issues. Not only does it help to correct problematic thought patterns that lead to maladaptive behaviors, but it also helps to highlight and identify any co-occurring disorders or underlying trauma. 


Some causes that will be investigated specifically include childhood or adult trauma, abuse, or some other significant changes in the individual’s life. Various therapies are considered useful for trauma treatment such as trauma focused cognitive behavioral, EMDR, Somatic psychotherapy as well as dialectical behavior, attachment therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and motivation interviewing, which are useful for a variety of issues and disorders. , 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is often one of the major components of a program, and will often be presented in several formats. There will be small groups, family-focused groups, trauma-focused groups, and even psychosocial classes that help build conflict resolution, stress reduction, and communication skills. 

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs are incredibly common to incorporate into continued care, either individually with a PHP, or as a step-down program after a higher level of care. Outpatient programs are less intensive, require less of a daily or weekly time commitment, and will give the individual greater freedom to hold a job or attend school. Intensive outpatient programs (IOP), the step down after PHP,  usually require about 3 hours per day of time, and between 9-15 hours a week. Compared with Individual outpatient treatment with a therapist or psychiatrist which is usually only 1 hour a week, a PHP or IOP treatment option only is much more intensive. 

The Length of Typical Treatment

How Long Does Partial Hospitalization Treatment for Mental Health Last?

How long a partial hospitalization treatment program lasts will often depend most heavily on the clinical needs of the individual as well as the details of the patient’s insurance coverage. Partial hospitalization programs are designed to be short-term treatment options, and therefore will often only last 2 to 4 weeks, depending on individual circumstances. The recovery journey for each individual will be unique, so it’s important to never compare one experience to another too closely.

Who Are The Best Candidates For A Partial Hospitalization Program?

The most compatible patients for a PHP will meet criteria such as:

  • Not being a potential danger to themselves, others, or property
  • Having an assessment or diagnosis that indicates they need and will benefit most significantly from receiving treatment for up to 30 hours each week
  • The need for frequent interaction to monitor condition and progress for the purposes of adjusting the treatment plan and improving long-term outcomes
  • The patient is willing and able to engage and interact with the program, and participate in the individual and group sessions
  • Patients that are leaving a residential program and need a transitional framework and peer support environment before going back to independent living
  • Need a more structured environment in which to practice their coping methods and relapse-prevention skills
  • Needing a larger amount of face-to-face, individualized treatment than other outpatient programs would provide

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Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program In Orange County

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