Individual vs. Group Psychotherapy

Individual vs. Group Psychotherapy

Understanding the Difference Between Individual vs. Group Psychotherapy


One of the most important components of rehab treatment for mental health conditions is psychotherapy. It is beneficial as it allows people to explore the root causes of their problems guided by a therapist or group discussion. Because there are significant differences between group and individual therapy, they are both offered in rehab programs for their respective benefits. Here we explore what those benefits are for each type of psychotherapy.

Differences between Individual and Group Psychotherapy

The most obvious difference between the two types of psychotherapy is that one is offered on an individual basis and the other in a group setting. Both have their own merits.


The benefits of Individual Psychotherapy:

  • Patients are completely focused on their own issues in a confidential setting
  • There is often more willingness to open up when just a therapist is present
  • Patients can concentrate on identifying the root causes of their illness
  • They can also devise a personal plan for coping with life in recovery with the therapist’s help


The benefits of Group Psychotherapy:

  • Patients get to share experiences with others in similar situations
  • A group setting can help in motivating people to continue in treatment
  • Groups can go on to provide continuing support in recovery
  • Strong bonds and trust-based friendships can be made in group therapy


Both individual and group psychotherapy have enormous benefits for people recovering from mental health conditions. This is the main reason why it continues to be offered as a component of aftercare to provide continuing support in recovery.


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