How to Stay Motivated During Recovery

It is widely known that motivation plays a vital part in a person’s effective recovery from substance abuse or other mental health condition. In many cases, people come to a point during treatment when they accept they have more to lose by continuing addictive behavior than from getting better. Nevertheless, because recovery from mental illness is a long process, it can sometimes be challenging to stay motivated.

Use Healthy Living in Recovery to Boost Motivation

One of the most effective ways of ensuring consistent motivation is to take good care of your physical health in terms of what you eat and when you exercise. There are significant benefits to getting sound nutrition through a healthy diet and also from taking even a small amount of regular exercise. Motivation is easier to achieve when a person feels in good health and strong enough to face the challenges that come with change.

Setting milestones and goals is also a good way of ensuring continued motivation in recovery. Having something to work towards is forward-looking, as long as the goal is realistic and achievable. Remember to reward yourself when you have reached a milestone or achieved a goal. Acknowledging positive changes is important as part of a healthy recovery.

It is vital that people accept the possibility of relapse during recovery or at least to know that mistakes are likely to be made. What is more important is that if mistakes are made, that they do not signal relapse, rather a small hitch on the road of recovery. In essence, the best way of maintaining motivation in recovery is to have realistic expectations of yourself and to make every effort to achieve a positive mindset.

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