Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise and Mental Health

How Exercise Affects Mental Health


There is a strong correlation between increased physical exercise and an improvement in mental health. For this reason, physical fitness is often a component in holistic mental health rehab. People suffering from mental health conditions like depression, anxiety or addiction have often maintained a low level of exercise for a prolonged period of time. Over time, this can take a toll, particularly on someone whose physical resistance has been weakened by mental illness.

What are the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise?

Exercise is much more beneficial than just improving your fitness level. It also introduces discipline into your life when you commit to a fitness regime or program. You often hear of people being hit by the fitness bug and this is mainly because once you incorporate a regular workout routine into your life, it is hard to give it up.


When we take exercise, our bodies produce endorphins which give us a natural “high” feeling. This sensation has much to do with our motivation to return to that particular type of exercise to get the feel-good rush all over again. Over a period of time, as your commitment grows, you’ll notice positive changes in your body shape, your overall wellbeing and also your outlook on life.


It is vital to choose a fitness activity that you’ll enjoy, otherwise it is very hard to keep it going. If you’re never going to feel comfortable in the gym, try running instead. If you prefer something a little more competitive, join a local team in the sport of your choosing and you’ll meet like-minded people as a bonus. Just remember: when you repeat something often enough, it becomes a habit which is incredibly positive for your mental health.


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