Mental health and its treatment is a significant issue in America and there are around 15,000 treatment centers around the country offering treatment. CASA Recovery is located in Orange County where we offer comprehensive treatment programs for all types of mental health disorders. Many people typically believe rehab facilities are purely for people with addiction. In fact, addiction is a mental illness itself and one of the many we treat at our center.


How We Treat Mental Illness at CASA Recovery


One of the most important aspects of rehabilitation from mental illness is the environment. CASA Recovery is located amidst breathtaking scenery, offering a serene environment where you can focus on getting better. Research shows that people are more responsive to mental health treatment when they attend a residential program. This is mainly because treatment is more intensive and addresses the individual’s needs more directly.


In terms of treating mental illness, we offer the following components:


  • Individual and group therapy
  • Evidence-based therapies such as CBT
  • Holistic therapies including meditation and yoga
  • Physical fitness
  • Nutritional awareness


When you first embark on your recovery journey with us, we undertake a thorough assessment and evaluation of your specific needs. Mental illnesses are invariably complex and they affect people in many different ways. We take time to get to know your personal story so that we can address the underlying causes of your mental health condition.


Get Mental Health Treatment Today at CASA Recovery


If you or a loved one is dealing with a mental illness, we are here to help. CASA Recovery offers the perfect environment for your healing to start, where you are surrounded by nature and a supportive community. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us in San Juan Capistrano, CA today for mental health treatment in Orange County.