Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Private Group Exercise Training

Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Private Group Exercise Training

Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Private Group Exercise Training

In a holistic rehab approach to drug addiction, physical exercise is a big element. When people fight against an addiction such as drugs or alcohol, they may feel overwhelmed, but they are in fact embarking on an exciting journey. Talking with others who have been through rehab and are now living as recovering addicts confirms how great things can start to happen when a person gets sober. For many of these people, their journey started in rehab when they were possibly in the worst shape of their lives and they are testament to the importance of physical fitness in both addiction treatment and recovery.


The Benefits of Exercise

There are numerous benefits to getting in better physical shape including:

  • You’ll be less likely to develop certain medical conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • It’s easier to maintain your body weight when you work out regularly.
  • Keeping fit boosts the mind and enhances the mood, making people who exercise much happier than those who don’t.
  • Being fit and healthy is a great defense against stress and anxiety.
  • Exercise boosts your energy levels so that you are able to lead a fuller life.


What are the Benefits of Exercise in Rehab?

When people are addicted to alcohol or drugs they tend to neglect themselves and their bodies. Poor nutrition, not enough sleep and general lack of motivation can become a lifestyle to many addicts and exercise is something that can reverse the damage done on a physical level. Some people who have been addicted to opioids or benzodiazepine drugs can develop a condition called restless leg syndrome which means they have to keep moving their legs, particularly when they are in withdrawal. Exercise can ease the symptoms considerably. Engaging in different physical activities while in rehab is a great way of keeping someone busy, which can be important when they return to daily life after treatment. Having more time on your hands than necessary can lead to cravings or feelings of weakness and so filling those gaps with physical activity that is fun as well as being rewarding is a good way of reducing that risk. Doing regular exercise allows someone to introduce discipline in their lives that puts them back in the driving seat. Regaining control of feelings is important in protecting a recovering addict from relapse and exercise empowers them to cope with the stressors and triggers they may face. Many addicts have self-esteem issues and exercise does a lot to redress the balance positively. Getting into great physical shape is a big confidence-booster and can motivate someone to completely overhaul their lives very much for the better.


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We specialize in drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, offering both traditional medical and holistic approaches to addiction treatment. We can provide you with exercise training in rehab that underpins your personalized program for more effective treatment and importantly, a successful life in sobriety. Our team of highly-qualified professionals at Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA recognizes that every patient is different. For that reason, we dedicate our time to ensuring the most appropriate and effective treatment programs are created by undertaking thorough assessment. To find out more about our alcohol and drug rehab in Orange County, contact us in confidence today.


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