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Alcohol Addiction Program

Get Help for Alcohol Addiction in Orange County

Alcoholism and addictions, if left untreated, are deadly diseases. If you or a loved one have problems with alcohol dependence, it is important to seek safe and effective treatment. There are two components of alcohol addiction – physical dependence on alcohol, and mental/behavioral issues of addiction. Treatment centers like CASA Recovery have proven treatment programs that address both problems and prepare individuals for a safe and sober future.


Alcohol abuse is a little different than alcoholism. Alcohol abuse starts with missing out on responsibilities in order to drink, missing social events to drink alone, or calling in sick to work to nurse a hangover. You may experience a little bit of withdrawal if you abstain from drinking for a few days, but nothing like the withdrawal you face from alcoholism.


Alcoholism is a dependency on alcohol to get through the day. Alcohol becomes the one need in your life and nothing else compares. Alcoholism can be deadly and treatment is super important. Alcoholism causes behavioral symptoms like fatigue and sleepiness, combative behavior, and restlessness. Physical symptoms can be tremors, nausea, and perspiration. Psychological symptoms of alcoholism are anxiety, depression, and irritability.




Let Casa Recovery Assist in your Recovery

Our Joint Commission Accredited outpatient program allows for a normal home life or the continuation of a professional career while in treatment. We structure our programs over extended periods to accommodate your work or school schedule. Outpatient programs are for those who can establish and show consistent abstinence and recovery without the need of a structured, residential program – but our outpatient programs do require attendance at our treatment center and 12-step meetings, as well as regular drug testing.


Not sure if you are facing alcohol abuse or alcoholism? Check out our resources to help you determine where you are at, so you can begin your journey out of dependence and into a new life without alcohol being at the center. You can also contact us today here in San Juan Capistrano for assistance at any time.

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