Using Creativity to Aid in Recovery

Using Creativity to Aid in Recovery

Understanding How Creativity Can Help in Recovery

When people think of addiction treatment, they generally think of the discomfort of detox followed by a sustained period of abstinence in a rehab center. Although the reality of rehab includes both these aspects, there are actually a much wider variety of therapies in rehab than people are aware of. One such alternative treatment for addiction is creative therapy. Creative therapy introduces different mediums for expression such as music or art and provides people in rehab with effective tools to protect their sobriety in recovery.

Creative Outlets in Addiction Recovery

The main benefit of creative therapies is that there are few restrictions because activities are commonly inexpensive and widely available. Whether the creative pursuit is music, painting or acting, there is something to appeal to everyone in a rehab setting. Some of the activities included in creative therapies include the following:

  • Journaling
  • Cooking
  • Painting, drawing, collage
  • Storytelling, acting
  • Pottery and ceramics

Many people who engage in creative therapies in rehab find that they ignite a passion or interest that they were previously unaware of. It is also much easier for people to communicate thoughts and feelings when there are no limitations of language, which allows for more effective self-exploration.

Writing, (either creatively or journaling), helps provide addicts with a better understanding of addiction. It is also possible to recognize triggers for substance abuse by writing about difficult situations and your responses to them. It is not reasonable to expect that every day will be positive in your recovery journey but writing things down helps you to deal with daily stresses more effectively.

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