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Holistic Therapies for Mental Health

Types of Holistic and Alternative Therapies for Mental Health


Most of us have heard about holistic or complementary therapies like yoga and meditation, but you may not know how they are used to treat mental illness. Holistic therapy is a type of mental health therapy designed to treat the individual as a whole in terms of their mental, physical and emotional health. Many therapies used in holistic rehab are ancient practices used to treat a wide range of health problems before conventional medicine was discovered. Here we take a closer look at the benefits of alternative therapies for people in mental health treatment.

Effective Holistic Treatments for Mental Health

The most effective rehab programs are those that include holistic components. Holistic rehab is becoming increasingly popular as people recognize the significant benefits of alternative therapies both during and after treatment.


Some of the holistic therapies offered in mental health treatment include the following:

  • Mindfulness: Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years although the concept is thousands of years old. The objective is to empower people to live in the moment, without the distraction of negative internal dialogue or stressful concerns about the world around them. Although it sounds like a relatively easy concept to grasp, it is incredibly difficult to switch off from the world around us in this digital day and age. The benefits of mindfulness for people with mental illnesses largely directed by negative internal dialogue are significant.
  • Physical fitness and nutrition: Holism refers to the treatment of people as a whole, which includes their physical health. Physical fitness and nutritional education are often offered as components in mental health treatment as they provide a natural way of redressing nutritional and physical imbalances and deficiencies.
  • Art & Music therapy: People looking to overcome a mental illness are benefited by creativity inducing therapies such as art and music. This is because it offers them an alternative route to their innermost thoughts and feelings. It is vital that patients in mental health treatment have the tools to express themselves through, as it allows them to understand their condition better. Art and music therapy encourages introspection and self-awareness which are vital in powering a healthy recovery.

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