Creativity and Mental Health

Creativity and Mental Health

How Creativity Affects Mental Health

We all have a creative streak. Some of us can cook up excellent dishes without notice, others may be talented writers or artists, or we may have great skill at DIY. Being creative is not always necessarily about producing great artworks or writing a hit pop song. That said, it is very healthy to have a creative outlet, particularly in terms of your mental health.

The Benefits of Creativity for Mental Health

The benefits of creative pursuits are well-known in the mental health community. This is the reason why mental health rehab centers like Casa Recovery increasingly offer creative treatment components such as art therapy . This is mainly because it provides another channel for introspection and self-expression, which is hugely beneficial for people with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Some people may be “scared” of creative pursuits because they feel their submissions should always be flawless. However, that actually goes against the grain of true creativity which is about authenticity. The very best creations are always those that have had passions poured into them. Creativity is all about making something tangible that comes from the heart. It can be a cross-stitched tapestry or a simple pencil drawing, the whole point is to find the medium that allows your creativity to flow.

Many of the problems associated with mental health problems are associated with an inability to understand or communicate innermost thoughts and feelings. This is important in rehab because these are the drivers of mental illnesses, making it important to change how a person views the world around them. This is often very effectively achieved through creative activities like art and music.

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