For those suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, anything intoxicating is a risky business. According to recent research, more than 15% of adults with ADHD had either used or were completely dependent on drugs or alcohol for the 12 months prior to the survey. The same research showed the most commonly abused substances were alcohol and marijuana.

Why is there a Link between ADHD in Adults and Addiction?

A Harvard research paper revealed that among young adults with ADHD, just 30% said they used substances to get high. The remaining 70% have different reasons for using including insomnia, mood-enhancement or relieve depression and anxiety. Apparently, self-medication is most common among adults suffering ADHD without being diagnosed or those who have been but refuse treatment.

The symptoms of ADHD change as sufferers become older, which is the most likely reason for the link between the condition and addiction. Although known for causing hyperactivity in children, ADHD doesn’t present in the same way for someone older. Whereas before they may have been excessively physically active and restless, an older person with ADHD tolerates increased mental activity and experiences racing thoughts that can often drive them to use substances or alcohol for relief.

Symptoms of ADHD can Lead to Addiction

It is sometimes the symptoms of ADHD over a prolonged period of time that can lead to addiction. Sufferers are known to feel heightened impulsivity, poor judgment and social awkwardness as they enter adulthood with the condition which can often lead to overindulgence to self-medicate. Additionally, genes associated with taking risks and thrill-seeking behavior may leave someone predisposed to develop both ADHD and addiction.

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