While it would obviously be great to treat the very complex disease of addiction with a few shots of vaccine, there are many reasons why this approach would almost certainly not work. As the government attempts to address the significant opioid abuse problem in America, suggestions have been made that research should be undertaken to develop an addiction ‘antidote’ in the form of a vaccine.

Why a Vaccine Won’t Work to Cure Addiction

Although addiction is a chronic disease, there are generally psychological issues also underlying it that need to be identified for effective treatment. Whether the cause of addictive behavior was chronic pain or depression, these negative physical, mental and emotional consequences require intensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a specialist rehabilitation center.

A Vaccine Approach Ignores the Psychological Causes of Addiction

Most drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs include extensive group and individual therapy in conjunction with medical treatment to get a better idea of the bigger picture behind each patient’s addiction. Through communication, care and support, addiction treatment is a process that takes as long as is necessary to achieve an effective transition back into daily life and a future in recovery. The vaccine approach, on the other hand, is a quick-fix that serves to eliminate the influences of substances, without addressing the emotional and psychological issues driving the addiction.

An Addiction Vaccine Would Not Address Potential Relapse

Another aspect of addiction rehabilitation that would not be addressed with a vaccine is that of relapse. Irrespective of whether someone is considered free from the influence of a substance or alcohol, everything changes when they return to their daily lives. Mixing with the wrong people and going to the wrong places can lead to falling back into addictive behavior, which is something that rehabilitation centers arms recovering addicts against in formal treatment programs.

Find the Support and Care You Need for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Casa Recovery

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