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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Casa Recovery is a small, private, comprehensive addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA offering therapy, counseling, holistic treatment, substance abuse education and life-skills workshops. Our hand-picked, experienced staff are trained to guide you through self-discovery, teaching you how to make better choices and lead a healthy, happy, and purposeful life of recovery. This is a highly personalized program that we create around every client. Everyone in our program is offered our full spectrum of services:

  • Monitored detoxification referral, if necessary
  • Complete assessment
  • One-on-one psychotherapy
  • One-on-one counseling and case management
  • Unique group sessions:
    -Process therapy, relapse prevention, testimonial groups, anger management, goal setting
    -Art therapy, gentle yoga, guided meditation, spiritual renewal therapy/bible study option, energy healing, beach activities
  • Holistic Treatment:
    -Gym training three times a week
  • Exclusive Casa Recovery workbook
  • Optional faith-based treatment track
  • Drug urine screens
  • Transportation
  • Sober Living available in upscale residential housing, nutritious home cooked meals, daily outside meetings, Free weekend activities:
    -Rotation of different sober activities, for example: movies, bowling, kayaking, whale watching
  • Free Family Group on Sundays
  • Faith-Based Treatment Options
Information on our Treatment Options

Addiction Rehab & Treatment Programs in Orange County, CA

Here at Casa Recovery, we offer alcoholism and drug treatment program that focuses on the basics of recovery. We believe that the secret to long-term and successful recovery is in the development of new and healthier habits that keeps away from addictive triggers, while incorporating a holistic approach in order to prevent relapse. We keep our fees at affordable rates and we take insurance policies, so help and recovery can be accessible to everyone. When enrolling at our addiction rehab center near Dana Point, CA, every client is expected to make a minimum commitment of a month (30 days), where they can live locally, together with other recovering addicts in different stages of recovery.

Our private facility located in San Juan Capistrano, CA provides 30 to 90 day (or longer) treatment, each personalized to meet the specific needs of an individual. We are certified by the State of California, accredited by the Joint Commission, and we hold extremely high standards of service and care to help clients with their recovery.

Instead of creating a hospital atmosphere, Casa Recovery treatment provides a comfortable home-like setting to promote better healing and recovery.

Patients can expect to deal with the following aspects of addiction during treatment:

Relapse Triggers

Relapse refers to the returning symptoms and signs of a disease that occur after apparent recovery. For recovering addicts, it is not uncommon for relapse to occur during the early stages of sobriety. However, this can be prevented by attending relapse prevention workshops, and by learning how to identify triggers and teaching yourself to avoid their trap. While relapse and slips do occur and often, they don’t necessarily have to trigger another round of full blown addiction. In fact, it can be seen as a gauge to adjust methods and techniques in order to maintain sobriety.

Beliefs and Behaviors

Here at Casa Recovery, identifying recurring themes in your life will make you more conscious about your beliefs, and because beliefs determine behaviors, this can help you make the connection to the contributing factors for your addiction. Individual and group counseling can help address these beliefs and behaviors, and possibly redefine them so that they serve to improve your life.


Workshops that explore values identification are also given. We offer a 3-step process that helps identify a person’s core values, such as leadership, courage, honesty, etc. After which you will be asked to write a statement defining what each value means to you, personally. This workshop generally helps identify positive areas as well as areas that need work in your value system, helping you build one of the most important cornerstones of long-term recovery.

Turning Points

Treatment will also help you identify the key turning points in your life that can help define how you get at a certain point of your addiction, how you decided to turn away from it, and what you can do to prevent yourself from returning to old, destructive habits. This also helps tailor an individual relapse prevention plan that will help you avoid the cracks of relapse.

Emotional Baggage

At Casa Recovery, you will also be given the opportunity to address all your emotional baggage that too often prevent successful recovery from addiction. Here, you can deal with your life issues and emotional baggage in a supportive, safe, and caring environment with highly qualified and compassionate professionals.

Listening Skills

Real listening is a skill that allows you to really indulge and understand, learn, enjoy, and help others. It is one of the most important, if not the most essential of all communication skills that help create and preserve intimacy. It is also a crucial skill to learn if you want a speedy and long-term recovery.

12 Step Program

At Casa Recovery, we also adopt a 12 step model, which is one of the most recognized and highly successful bases for recovery from alcoholism. Our 12-step program is founded on reliance on a power that is greater than yourself, where you have the freedom to define what that power will be. Relying on something or someone other than yourself is a great way to shift your dependence on alcohol or drugs to something else.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-10:00 Process Group Process Group Process Group Process Group Goal Review
10:00-11:00 Self-Examination & Goal Setting Mens/Womens Groups Education Group Grief, Loss, Coping Group Therapy Mens/Womens Groups
11:00-12:00 Mindful Living Group Guided Meditation Group CBT/DBT Family Systems Group Therapy Spiritual Recovery or Self-Esteem Group Yoga Group
12:00-1:30 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
1:30-2:30 12-Step Education Group Self-Discovery Group Art/Music Experience Group Health & Wellness Education Self-Discovery Group
2:30-3:30 Workbook Study Workbook Study Workbook Study Workbook Study Marble Ceremony
3:30-4:30 Health & Wellness Outdoor Group Health & Wellness Outdoor Group Health & Wellness
5:00-7:00 Dinner Break Dinner Break Dinner Break Dinner Break Dinner Break
7:00-9:00 Outside Meeting Outside Meeting Outside Meeting Outside Meeting Outside Meeting
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:00-6:30pm Evening IOP Group Evening IOP Group Evening IOP Group
6:30-8:00pm Evening IOP Group Alumni Group Evening IOP Group

Our Care Team is Ready to Answer Any Questions.

Casa Recovery offers a wide range of treatment options for those struggling with mental health and co-occurring issues. We are here for you and ready to assist in any way we can. Contact us right now to get the help you deserve from a group of people who care.