Specialized Tracks


We here at Casa Recovery understand that everyone’s path to sobriety and recovery are different and unique. Because of this we have crafted multiple different recovery tracks to help connect different populations of people to the track that could best lead them out of their drug and/or alcohol addiction and into recovery. These tracks include:

Recovery from Depression (DEPRESSION RECOVERY TRACK)

Depression has no place in your life after recovery. Casa Recovery aims to cure and treat depression not by medication, but through holistic therapy.

Recovery through the Red Road Track (NATIVE AMERICAN RECOVERY TRACK)

We offer a specialized treatment program called ‘Red Road,’ which is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous with a 12-step backbone, but with an additional spiritual emphasis. It is combined with the Drum Circle, a therapeutic program that helps you taps into your inner creativity and spirituality while you are in a supportive environment. We have the staff necessary to help you successfully run the length of this program, and to get your life back.

Depression Treatment through a Christian Recovery Program (CHRISTIAN RECOVERY TRACK)

Casa Recovery can help you restore and improve your relationship with God through a treatment program designed to enlighten your spirituality and self-worth. Our Christian recovery program is tailor-made and individualized.

Recovery Program from Military Personnel (MILITARY RECOVERY TRACK)

Here at Casa Recovery, we understand the unique strain of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by war, so we provide a comprehensive treatment program for individuals who have served the military and would like to heal.

Why Choose a Specialized Recovery Track?

Specialized Recovery tracks are very beneficial because they are designed to address specific challenges, risks, and circumstance surrounding someone that falls within that category. Each of the above tracks come with their own list of risks and challenges that can aid or hinder recovery, and by recognizing these differences and leaning into them, you can tailor a program that hits every single issue, and to work past it.

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