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Holistic Treatment
CASA Recovery’s approach to treatment is holistic and experiential, meaning we focus on a variety of modalities in addition to evidence-based clinical and medical interventions that can be helpful in healing alcohol addiction, drug addiction and mental health disorders. Those struggling with substance abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues may not be taking the best care of their bodies in addition to their minds. CASA Recovery works to offer positive alternatives to help free your body from pain, heal the body and mind from trauma and bring your spirit back to a peaceful existence. We include all of our holistic methods listed below as part of our treatment program in San Juan Capistrano, CA.    
Art Therapy

Art Therapy group provides our clients with a chance to creatively express their emotions when pain, traumas and mental health struggles can be difficult to put into words. Art therapy engages a client through the use of collage, painting, drawing, writing and sculpture as well as other creative media to offer a pathway of accessing core feelings of self and as an outlet for creative self-expression and nervous system regulation.

Breathworks group offers an experiential approach to breath practices that incorporate intenses experiences of self-awareness and introspection through internal sensations of breath and the movement of breath in the body. Breathwork promotes regulation in the nervous system as well as re-organization and relaxation of muscles and organs throughout the body. Breathing techniques also promote relaxation and a decrease of stress and anxiety present in the mind and body.   
One way to ease into the treatment environment is with massage. Massage is also a gentle way to experience body awareness. Massage has many benefits of healing and relaxation. It helps release toxins stored up in the muscle and fat tissue and helps reduce anxiety and cravings. Massage can also help ease the body through post-acute withdrawal symptoms through detoxification especially beneficial for those in recovery from substance use. Celeste Seiler, our licensed massage therapist, has years of experience working with individuals who have trauma, pain and touch sensitivities. 

Meditation & Mindfulness
This group led by Courtney Parkyn assists clients in achieving more focus, relaxation, peace of mind and overall well-being. Her weekly groups focus on creating a deeper connection with one’s true self. During this group, client’s learn about the practice of mindfulness and mindful awareness. Offering various meditation techniques, clients learn to identify their thoughts, emotions and body sensations with the goal of learning to manage these sensations that arise in the body and how to self-regulate them. These meditations may also help increase energy, compassion, and patience. This group provides a non-judgemental space of identifying and accepting all that arises in the body and mind. 

Music Therapy

Music Therapy group is a clinically driven intervention of using musical tools to increase introspection and interpersonal skills of understanding one’s thoughts, emotions and sensations in the body and mind. Different forms of music instruments and music making techniques are used to gain a better understanding of a client’s representation of self. Clients also learn how music can be a tool for emotional regulation and relaxation. 

Nutrition Education  Led by our Dietician and Nutritionist, Heather Deranja, MA, RDN, CPT, this group offers clients a set of learning experiences around understanding and hopefully adopting a nutritional way of eating, supplementing and incorporating other-nutrition-related behaviors into their daily routines.  Nutrition is an integral part of mental health and substance abuse recovery and to living a healthy and balanced life. This is a voluntary group with researched based education as well as opportunities for open discussion and questions regarding nutrition, diet and trend topics. 

Private Group Fitness Training 
Private group fitness training with Bernie Wolfe, certified personal trainer offers an opportunity for clients to understand and personal a basic training exercise routine. This small group setting allows for personal attention for each client to learn how to exercise safely for their body and level.   

Yoga group with Courtney Parkyn offers an opportunity for clients to gently move their bodies in a relaxing way and from a trauma informed approach. This group uses a therapeutic style of yoga that incorporates breath and simple body movements to allow client’s with no experience or any level of experience with yoga to join successfully. The practice of yoga assists in helping clients cope with stress and anxiety in the body by relaxing the nervous system and reintegrating a personal connection to the body structure. This group is specifically designed to support emotional regulation, to quiet the mind, and create gentle, active movements and breath in the body. Honoring a space of safety is a focus of this group and encouraging each person to move in the way that feels best for themselves is the priority. All participants are welcomed to participate to their own level and willingness. 

Throughout the week after treatment day and on weekends clients have time to reflect from the treatment day and enjoy the beautiful scenery of coastal Orange County, California. Whether it is sunset beach walks, whale watching, kayaking in the harbor or coastal hikes – our clients are constantly enjoying our beautiful Pacific Ocean backyard and the simple peace and healing that the ocean can provide.

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