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Holistic Treatment

CASA Recovery’s approach to treatment is holistic, meaning we focus on treating the whole body, mind, and spirit for the causes and consequences of alcohol addiction, drug addiction and mental health disorders. Needless to say, those struggling with addiction are not taking the best care of their bodies or are actually using drugs or alcohol as a way to “medicate” their pain or trauma. CASA Recover works to help free your body from pain, heal your mind from trauma and bring your spirit back to a peaceful, sober existence. We include all of our holistic methods listed below in our treatment program in San Juan Capistrano, CA, that also includes step-based work, psychotherapy and drug counseling by a hand-picked team of extremely passionate, licensed professionals.

Detox Massage & Acupuncture

We can help ease the body through post-acute withdrawal symptoms using massage and acupuncture. Massage helps release toxins stored up in the muscle and fat tissue and helps reduce anxiety and cravings. Celeste Seiler, our licensed massage therapist, has years of experience treating addicts and working through injuries and sensitivities. Each client gets a weekly massage as part of the CASA program.


Acupuncture is also used to reduce inflammation throughout the body, but especially focused on organs that have been struggling with filtering out damaging drugs and alcohol. Grant Collins, our licensed Acupuncturist, is also an expert on herbal supplements. He can offer special herbs for all sorts of specific ailments and illnesses, over and above his usual treatment for cravings, anxiety and sleep issues. Each client gets a weekly one-on-one acupuncture session with Grant Collins or Dr. Bahng, as well as weekly group acupuncture.

Unique Weekly Group Sessions

Guided Meditation group with Jennifer Wong, a certified hypnotherapist, assists our clients with focus, relaxation, peace of mind and overall well-being. Her weekly groups focus on creating a deeper connection with your true self and your Source (Higher Power). Her meditations allow for increased energy, health, compassion, and patience. Jennifer has integrated basic hypnosis techniques into her meditation groups for faster and deeper levels of relaxation and personal change.

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Acupuncture group with Grant Collins, a licensed Acupuncturist, provides weekly ear acupuncture for each client. Auricular therapy, or ear acupuncture, is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a reflection of the entire body represented through the outer portion of the ear. Issues affecting the physical, mental or emotional health of the client are treatable by stimulation of the surface of the ear, especially emotional and physical addiction and cravings.

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Yoga group with our trained yoga instructor provides a weekly gentle relaxation and stretching yoga class for our clients. No experience needed for this quiet stretching class at our treatment center.


Art Therapy group provides our clients with a chance to creatively express their emotions when the pain and trauma associated with drug addiction can be difficult to put into words. Art therapy engages a client through the use of collage, painting, drawing and sculpture as a part of the CASA treatment program.

Spiritual and Faith Based Treatment

Spiritual Tools with Jory Adamson, licensed MFT therapist, involves the use of guided imagery, meditation, Elements in Nature, and the Medicine Wheel to give our clients spiritual tools to assist in recovery. Jory uses the Medicine Wheel as a blueprint to teach the lessons and gifts each direction holds. Her groups include indigenous wisdom to facilitate healing in the following areas:

  • Literal: Mindfulness meditation readings and stories to model the concept of balance on all levels.
  • Symbolic: Working with sacred items to come to understand the role of nature in finding peace and perspective.
  • Mythical: Journeys to connect with spirit guides and power animals to support growth and facilitate empowerment.
  • Etheric: Moving into the spiritual realms through guided imagery, drumming and music to connect with one’s Higher Power. Chakra balancing using essential oils and visualization.

Bible Study (optional) with Sandy Szemenyei, Ordained Minister and Biblical Counselor, is available to all clients interested in the Christ-centered journey to sobriety. In addition to weekly church services, clients are offered a faith-based approach to recovery through weekly bible study with Sandy.


Private Group Exercise Training three times a week with Bernie Wolfe, certified personal trainer, at his own private gym. This personal attention allows a small group of clients to exercise safely with professional supervision and personalized exercise plans. Other treatment centers just drop their clients off at large gym chains, but CASA prefers to guide each client to a safe training program with the added privacy of our own gym.


Beach Activities throughout the week allow our clients to have time to reflect and enjoy the beautiful scenery of coastal Orange County, California. Whether it is whale watching, kayaking in the harbor, sunset beach walks, or coastal hikes – our clients are constantly enjoying our beautiful Pacific Ocean backyard and the simple peace and healing that the ocean can provide.


Contact us at CASA Recovery to learn more about the treatments we offer at our addiction rehab center and mental health facilities in Orange County, CA.  Get the help you need today.

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