There is a common misconception, usually held by families and people close to addicts, that alcohol or drug detox can be handled on their own. It is often the expense and complexity of seeking professional addiction treatment that forces people to consider other options which, unfortunately, rarely work. Addicts can also feel capable of conducting their own DIY detox and while their motivation can be exceptionally strong, without a structured treatment program to support them, their attempts often fail.

Why Attempting Drug Detox on Your Own is Not a Good Solution

What many addicts or loved ones of addicts fail to realize is that rehabilitation is a process of which detox is just one part. There is more to overcoming addiction than ridding the body of the accumulated toxins from years’ of drug or alcohol abuse. Once medical detox has been achieved, then there is a whole rehabilitation process to undertake, where addicts learn about the causes of their addictive behavior and address those issues directly in a supervised environment.

Structured Detox and Rehab Prepares Addicts for Life After Treatment

Structured detox and rehab also equips addicts with the tools and mechanisms to deal with life after treatment. Learning how to avoid triggers or how to silence the mind to deal with stress are all invaluable in achieving effective recovery from addiction and not available to someone on a do-it-yourself detox program.

Detoxing from substances and alcohol affects every individual differently. The effects of withdrawal are impossible to predict and so it is unlikely that someone creating their own program will be equipped to navigate the process alone. Although detox at a recovery clinic or rehabilitation center can be expensive or difficult to access due to waiting times, the positive effects of a professionally structured program carried out in a controlled environment are great.

Seek Professional Drug and Alcohol Detox at Casa Recovery in Orange County, CA

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