The Four Stages of Addiction Rehab Process

The Four Stages of Addiction Rehab Process

Understanding the Different Phases of the Rehab Process


Addiction is an illness that takes time to develop. For this reason, it also takes time to heal from and as it is known to be a relapsing illness, there are significant challenges to overcome. However, many people still have a misconception of addiction treatment as being a deeply dark and grueling process, whereas the opposite is true. Here we take a closer look at the four stages of addiction rehab as a way of dispelling some myths about substance abuse treatment.

The Four Stages of Addiction Treatment

1. Admissions and Assessment

Initial assessment and evaluation is vital before commencing a rehab program. This is mainly because everyone has an individual experience of addiction, requiring different therapies to address their issues. At Casa Recovery, we devise personalized addiction treatment in Southern California that is completely based on the needs of the individual.


2. Detox

Detoxification is the process that the majority of people are anxious about when entering rehab. However, when patients have access to 24/7 medical supervision throughout the process, many uncomfortable symptoms can be eliminated. Holistic therapies such as massage and meditation can also help ease the transition through detox and into rehabilitation.


3. Rehab

A rehabilitation program follows immediately after detox and generally contains therapeutic components suited to the individual’s treatment needs. At Casa Recovery, we put together the therapies we feel most likely to be effective for each client into a program that can be adapted and modified as required.


4. Aftercare

Managing the transition from the sanctity of a rehab center to daily life at home is made much easier with aftercare. Many of the same treatment components from an individual’s inpatient program are made available on an outpatient basis as a flexible means of support during recovery. Aftercare is vital in reinforcing all the efforts made in rehab and learning how to apply new skills in daily life.


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