The Intake Stage of Addiction Rehab

The Intake Stage of Addiction Rehab

Understanding the Intake Phase of the Rehab Process


Many people considering entering rehabilitation find it useful to gather as much information as they can about what’s involved. Perhaps one of the most important stages of addiction rehab is admission, which is when addiction professionals are able to get a clearer picture of your unique journey into substance abuse. This is vital as it determines how an individual in rehab receives treatment, with the most effective therapies made available to them in a personalized program.

Why Assessment and Evaluation Is So Important In Addiction Rehab

It is not uncommon for people with substance use disorders to have a co-existing mental health problem. These cases are known as dual-diagnosis. The reason dual-diagnosis is common in people with addiction is because:


  • They either had a mental health problem that led to them self-medicating with alcohol or drugs,
  • or they developed the symptoms of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety as a result of their substance abuse.


Just as the descent into addiction occurs over a period of time, recovery also takes time to achieve. Many people still falsely believe it is possible to overcome addiction by going through detox alone. Although being cleansed of toxins accumulated from substance abuse is a vital part of addiction treatment, it is not a stand-alone solution.


Addiction is a relapsing illness which means people leaving rehab will continue to face challenges, sometimes for the rest of their lives. A thorough assessment as they enter an addiction treatment program is the best way of ensuring the most effective route to achieving long-term recovery.


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