The Recovery Stage of Addiction Rehab

The Recovery Stage of Addiction Rehab

Understanding the Recovery Phase of the Rehab Process


When a person has completed detox and a rehabilitation program, they are ready to return home and start the recovery stage of rehab. At Casa Recovery, we offer comprehensive aftercare programs to help people manage the transition from rehab into recovery. This means they still have access to therapy but on an outpatient basis so that they have flexible support available to them. This can often make a significant different in recovery outcomes and here we take a closer look at why that is.

What Comes After Rehab Treatment in Orange County?

When considering rehab facilities, many people wonder what happens when they complete a program. Addiction specialists at Casa Recovery believe that it is essential to offer a continuum of care in order to boost the potential for long-term sobriety. The objective of rehab is to arm people with the tools they need to manage sobriety within their home environments. Aftercare is an essential component aimed at managing the transition from the care of a rehab center and back into daily life.


When people return home to continue their recovery from addiction, they can sometimes have concerns about the environment they are returning to. Some may live in homes where substance use is considered acceptable or there may be stressful circumstances they have to deal with at the same time as their recovery. Sober homes or alternative accommodations are often recommended for people in difficult circumstances from which they are better equipped to start their recovery journey.


Support groups are a vital aspect of a person’s recovery and research backs that up. It is important that recovering addicts have quick and easy access to people who understand their situation and who can help them in times of need. It is impossible to eliminate the stresses of daily life and for people who are prone to using in response, having a lifeline to a trusted and supported person can make all the difference.


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