The Rehab Stage of Addiction Rehab

The Rehab Stage of Addiction Rehab

Understanding the Rehab Phase of the Rehab Process


Once a person has completed detox, they are ready to continue their journey through rehabilitation and into recovery. This stage of addiction treatment marks the beginning of a period of significant change as people deal with the root causes of substance abuse. Rehab is intended to prepare people to continue in their daily lives in sobriety. Here we take a closer look at what’s involved in addiction rehabilitation.

What’s Involved in Addiction Rehab?

Addiction treatment specialists such as Casa Recovery offer rehab programs that have been personalized to the individual. This is because everyone has their own experience of substance abuse, and their unique set of treatment needs. A rehab program should be designed around the personality of each patient so that they are more likely to use the tools to protect their sobriety in recovery.


There are a number of different therapies used in the rehab phase of recovery:


Individual Behavioral Therapy: Addressing the sometimes deeply rooted causes of addiction is important for an effective recovery. Behavioral therapists provide patients with the tools for self-exploration so that they are able to recognize the underlying issues behind their substance abuse. People are also able to develop important life skills such as time-management through individual behavioral therapy sessions.


Group Therapy: Group therapy provides an important platform for people to share their experiences of substance abuse with others at varying stages of an addiction journey. Many of the bonds formed in group support continue to support people when they leave a rehab center and return home.


Family Therapy: Families can be torn apart by addiction. Family therapy is commonly offered as a way of resolving uncommunicated issues that have led to loved ones distancing themselves from the addict, or vice versa. Providing a neutral platform for guided communication is invaluable in resolving deeply personal issues between family members. Research shows that support from family members is more likely to result in long-term recovery.


Alternative Therapies: Many rehab centers such as Casa Recovery offer holistic components in a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga are beneficial in promoting self-awareness and can also act as efficient tools for protecting sobriety.


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Addiction takes time to develop and so it is natural to expect it to take time to heal. Casa Recovery offers a tranquil and healing environment at our addiction treatment center in San Juan Capistrano, CA. If you or a loved one is in need of help with substance abuse, contact us to find out more about a personalized program at our rehab treatment center in Orange County today.



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