The Detox Stage of Addiction Rehab

The Detox Stage of Addiction Rehab

Understanding the Detox Phase of the Rehab Process


Before it is possible for a person to go through an addiction rehabilitation program, they first of all need to rid their bodies of toxins accumulated through substance abuse. This is mainly because the toxic chemicals contained in alcohol and drugs build up over a period of time, which means they continue to influence the user even when they aren’t using. Detox is a fully managed and supervised process that monitors symptoms of withdrawal when a person abstains from using drugs or alcohol.

About the Detox Phase of Recovery

When a person suddenly stops using drugs or alcohol, their bodies immediately go into withdrawal. This means that cravings become increasingly difficult to deal with as withdrawal symptoms become more severe. When a person is in a facility such as Casa Recovery’s addiction treatment center in Orange County, they are monitored throughout the detox process so that symptoms can be dealt with as they arise.


Detox is by no means the “cure” to addiction; it is just the first stage of the journey. Many people feel they are able to go it alone and detox at home. However, the severity of withdrawal symptoms is difficult to determine for each individual, making it more difficult to manage without medical intervention. Attending detox at an alcohol and drug rehab center is always recommended, regardless of the severity of a person’s addiction issues.


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