An evidence-based therapy that is increasingly being linked with successful long-term recovery after addiction is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. CBT is a combined approach that aims to adapt negative thought processes and behaviors to promote healthier choices in recovery. CBT is goal-oriented, which allows therapists and patients to both see progress and make any changes in treatment that might be required on the path to recovery.

The Pros of Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

CBT is similar to addiction counseling in that it involves plenty of individual therapy sessions. However, the difference with CBT is that it is a very precisely personalized program based on the patient’s individual attitudes to themselves, the world around them and their future. Many people with addiction illnesses become isolated and withdrawn from those closest to them, often fearing harsh judgment if they admit their problem to others. CBT provides them with a platform to unravel their damaged psyches, seeking out the original reason for their substance abuse and addressing it.

CBT differs from other “talk therapies” in that it involves building skills to cope in recovery. This is done by identifying negative responses in the past and seeking to change those behaviors, leading to better choices. For example, if a person started abusing substances in a bid to reduce the symptoms of a mental illness like depression, CBT can help them deal with those symptoms in healthier ways and without resorting to using substances.

CBT also involves patients in their own therapy by encouraging them to complete homework assignments that include researching their illness. It is crucial that someone suffering from addiction understands that they can regain control of their lives with treatment and CBT empowers them to do this on their own.

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