The Importance of Alumni Support Groups in Recovery

The Importance of Alumni Support Groups in Recovery
The Importance of Alumni Support Groups in Recovery

For many people who are on addiction treatment programs, the prospect of returning home after rehab is daunting. Addiction in itself is an isolating illness that alienates people from their loved ones and this often makes it hard for some to return home. This is the reason why one of the most important elements of addiction treatment is recovery support.

Alumni Support Eases the Transition from Rehab to Daily Life

The majority of rehab centers offer access to an alumni support group that allows patients leaving centers extra help when they return home. The objective of alumni support is to provide recovering addicts with people they can reach out to when they are most challenged in recovery. For example, advice can be sought ahead of social functions or events where temptation to use alcohol or drugs will be present.

According to research, a person is more likely to have a long-term recovery if they feel they are supported. The advantage of alumni support is that it comes from peers who have been through the same issues themselves. This provides revering addicts with non-judgmental support from those who completely understand them which may be lacking in their daily lives.

Alumni support often introduces other activities and events for recovering addicts to attend. These are substance-free occasions where people enjoy the company of each other without any access to alcohol or drugs. One of the most important things a person learns in rehab is that they are usually forced to change the people they mix with and the places they frequent so as to avoid relapsing. An alumni support group provides them with the opportunities to change their lifestyle to a healthier one.

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