Importance of Physical Wellness during Addiction Recovery

Importance of Physical Wellness during Addiction Recovery

How Physical Wellness Can Aid in Recovery


One of the components of holistic rehab is physical exercise, which is something that can continue to support someone for many years in recovery. Holistic rehab is designed to address a person’s emotional, physical and mental health and has been used to treat addiction for many years. Physical exercise is generally integrated into a treatment program because of its significant benefits to people with substance use disorders. People who have abused substances for a prolonged period of time are very likely to be physically unfit which leaves them exposed to developing other health conditions.

The Importance of Healthy Habits in Recovery

Even a daily brisk walk of around ten minutes can have a positive impact on an individual. Incorporating physical exercise into your lifestyle doesn’t have to mean making a long term commitment to a gym or working out like a Trojan for hours each day. That said, people new to regular exercise find themselves able to cope with more sustained bouts of activity as time passes. Before long, it is easily possible to develop new and healthy habits to support your sobriety in recovery.


The main benefits of physical exercise include:


  • Improved self-esteem: it is not uncommon for addicts to have a very low opinion of themselves. A regular exercise routine introduces a degree of discipline into their lives that empowers them to push themselves further. As physical improvements are seen after a time of exercising, self-confidence is boosted and individuals develop a much healthier attitude towards themselves.
  • Heightened sense of wellbeing: When a person exercises, their bodies release natural endorphins which give them a “high” feeling. Substances like drugs and alcohol also produce this kind of high but it’s exaggerated due to toxic influences on the brain. The feeling after exercise can be a compelling incentive to continue working out, particularly for a recovering addict.
  • Improved understanding of health issues: People who take regular exercise are much more likely to consider the things they eat as well. Nutrition is an important aspect of rehab from addiction and a healthy diet continues to support people when they have left the center and returned home.
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