Self-Esteem and Mental Health

Self-Esteem and Mental Health

How Self-Esteem Can Affect Mental Health


Low self-esteem isn’t considered a mental health condition in itself although there are strong links between the way we feel about ourselves and our emotional and mental wellbeing. A person with low self-esteem is much more likely to develop other mental health conditions related to the negative way in which they view themselves. Just like any other type of mental illness, low self-esteem can become a chronic problem unless the person seeks therapy to rebuild it.


Here are a few ways that low self-esteem can be detrimental to your mental health and how they can be combated:


Poor Relationships: We all strive to interact with other people and build relationships with those close to us. This is a natural instinct. It makes sense that negative relationships have a direct impact of a person’s view of themselves which can lead to issues of low self-esteem.


Addiction: Research has shown that a person who had low self-esteem when they were growing up is much more likely to develop substance abuse issues in later life. Drugs and alcohol are commonly used to reduce negative feelings although they often have depressant qualities themselves. Over time, this method of escapism leads to individuals developing addiction or substance use disorders.


Depression and Anxiety: Low self-esteem often develops a relationship with other mental health conditions like depression, which can make issues much worse. These cases are known as dual-diagnosis as they are experiencing two mental illnesses at the same time and specialist treatment is required.


It is vital that people struggling with low self-esteem learn how to love themselves in order to overcome the condition. This can be done through counseling and also through positive circumstantial changes such as healthy relationships, achievements in the workplace and a balanced social life.


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