How Environment Affects Addiction

How Environment Affects Addiction

The Role Environment Plays in Addiction


Although we now understand addiction more than ever before, many people are still unsure about how some become hooked on drugs or alcohol. Even people struggling with the illness themselves may have no idea why they started using in the first place. Was it a genetic predisposition for addiction? Is it down to peer pressure and the company a person keeps? Maybe there are some mental health issues also at play?

Environmental Factors that Affect Addiction

Although it is not possible to identify one definitive cause of addiction, a person’s environment has been shown to be a key factor. Everyone struggling with substance abuse will have their own experience of the illness and naturally, there are no two people the same. However, research shows that stressful environments can have an enormous impact on a person’s substance use, particularly if there are other factors at play.


For example, it has also been shown that people who associate with others (family, friends, or societal role models) freely and openly using drugs or alcohol are much more likely to follow the same path. However, this also relates to the environment in terms of where this enabling behavior takes place. In this respect, there is no single factor involved in a person becoming addicted, rather a combination of factors working together that allow the illness to develop.


One of the most important aspects of addiction treatment is behavioral change. This means individuals are required to distance themselves from the environments they associate with substance abuse so that they are not exposed to triggers for relapse. Depending on how engaged with their environment the individual is, for example whether they live with enabling friends or relatives or alone, it is sometimes necessary to relocate completely in order to protect their sobriety.


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