How Family Affects Addiction

How Family Affects Addiction

Understanding the Role Family Plays in Addiction


Addiction is an illness that affects people in very different ways which means there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to treatment. One of the most important considerations for people entering rehab for substance abuse is to identify the root causes of their problems. There is a wide range of different reasons behind a person developing addiction which are most accurately determined when a person is assessed when entering rehab.

Environmental Factors that Affect Addiction

Our environment has a very strong influence on the way we think and feel and so it is natural to expect this is a factor in a person’s addiction. Very often, family dynamics and interactions play a strong part in the development of mental health issues, particularly if the individual lives in the family home. People very often start using drugs or alcohol in response to stress and anxiety which is difficult to cope with when the home is a negative environment.


The relationship a person has with their family can also be a key factor behind encouraging them to get help for substance abuse – or not. When other family members are openly using substances themselves, it can be extremely challenging for someone with addiction to attempt to quit if they want to. In some cases, other family members may actively discourage them from getting help, and the enabling behavior continues.


There are so many influences on our lives but when you think about it, family is the most predominant. Family relationships are just as vital in helping a person achieve sobriety although everybody has to be on board and supportive in order for a loved one to do so. All enabling influences must be discarded when a person has completed an addiction treatment program, which can be extremely difficult when there are family members involved.


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