How Social Media Affects Addiction

How Social Media Affects Addiction

Understanding the Role Social Media Can Play in Addiction


We live in a day and age that is dominated by social media. From social interactions to online shopping and even political campaigning, social media networks seem to be essential to modern life. For most of us, we can take or leave social media, with many people increasingly becoming disillusioned with its merit. However, since environment often plays a role in a person’s addiction, the existence of social media has brought about a dramatic increase in people with emotional problems because of its negative influence.

Social Media and Addiction

Social media provides every single one of us with a personal platform from which we can project an image to our friends and wider public. It is now not unusual to find out that the people with the apparently perfect lives and buzzing social life are in reality deeply insecure. This is a unique situation we find ourselves in and it is no surprise that there is now growing evidence to show that social media can exacerbate mental illnesses for people already susceptible to them.


Social media also allows people to parade their lifestyle, which isn’t always the healthiest to project. For example, the party animal constantly snapping selfies at events, tipple in-hand could be construed as normalizing alcohol consumption. Posting pictures or videos of people under the influence of drugs or alcohol is also a trend on social media that can have a detrimental effect on people with addiction issues.


Research shows that people with addiction are directly influenced by their friends but with social media these influences are 24/7. Now it is not as easy to walk away from people who are making us feel bad about ourselves or socially isolated. This is a problem for people struggling with substance abuse and can present an obstacle to them getting the help they need.


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