How Friends Affect Addiction

How Friends Affect Addiction

Understanding the Role Friends Can Play in Addiction


When a person is struggling with substance abuse, they generally become isolated from loved ones while being drawn further into enabling friendships. The people we mix with and the places we go to all influence our behavior, initially in subtle ways but in some cases, it can lead to addiction. When you regularly hang out with others who are openly using alcohol and drugs, it is easy to believe that it is a much better idea than it actually is.

How Your Friends Affect Your Addiction

It can be very difficult to distance yourself from negative influences when they are people you consider to be your friends. It is natural human behavior to want to fit in or get a sense of belonging with others and so it isn’t hard to see how this can be detrimental when those people are using substances. The habits of other people have a direct effect on everyone around them and if they’re abusing substances, others may want to do the same.


One of the most important aspects of addiction treatment is identifying the triggers for substance abuse which are often environmental. This includes a person’s friends. It is almost always the case that people have to shed certain associations and friendships in order to protect their sobriety in recovery. Although this is challenging, by replacing those relationships with healthier ones, it is much easier to achieve.


Support groups form a vital part of someone’s recovery outcome. Research shows that people are more likely to achieve long-term recovery when they feel supported. In cases where individuals were surrounded by negative, enabling influences before treatment, they will find it easier to thrive in recovery with the support of others in the same situation.


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