Different Mental Health Conditions

Different Mental Health Conditions
Types of Mental Health Conditions


Casa Recovery is a top mental health treatment center in Southern California, offering both inpatient and outpatient treatment in San Juan Capistrano. Our primary mental health program touches on all stages of the recovery process, providing tailored treatment plans for each individual. Our expert staff here at Casa Recovery specializes in treating the following mental health conditions:


Depressive Disorder: a common mental health disorder characterized by persistent feelings of sadness or loss of interest in activities which can cause interference in daily life.


Trauma Disorder: a common mental health condition brought on by a traumatic experience that caused fear, anxiety, outbursts, flashbacks, depression, or other symptoms that impair daily life.


Anxiety Disorder: a comment mental health disorder characterized by exaggerated worry and tension, anxiety, or fear that interferes with daily life.


Mood Disorder: a psychological disorder characterized by serious changes in mood or general emotion state that causes disruption to daily life and activities.


Personality Disorder: a mental disorder characterized by an unhealthy and rigid pattern of thinking, behaving, and functioning, that cause difficulty perceiving and relating to people and situations.


Psychotic Disorder: a mental disorder characterized by abnormal thinking and perceptions, causing a disconnection from reality.


Self-Harm Disorder: the purposeful action of harming oneself, usually caused by emotional distress.


Attention Deficit Disorder: neurological disorder characterized by poor concentration, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, which can cause difficulty with completing tasks and social interaction.


Dual Diagnosis: when an individual is diagnosed with two or more conditions that occur at the same time but are completely separate diagnosis. Often used in regard to mental illness and substance abuse.


Co-Occurring Disorder: two or more health issues occurring at the same time, usually in reference to a mental health disorder that developed as a result of addiction/substance abuse or led to the development of an addiction to drugs or alcohol.


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