Types of Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder
Understanding Personality Disorder


Personality is the aspect of ourselves that makes us different from others. People get to know us by how we interact in our relationships and generally speaking, even though we all face stresses, we are able to move on quickly from them. However, for other people it is not so simple. A person with a personality disorder suffers from a mental health condition that completely alters who they are, often beyond the recognition of those closest to them.


Different Types of Personality Disorder

Not many people fully understand personality disorders and so here we give a brief description of some of the different types:


Paranoid personality disorder:  People with this type of personality disorder have a deep mistrust of others, even when there is no evidence to suggest anyone is deceiving or manipulating them.


Schizoid personality disorder: Someone with schizoid disorder often feels much more comfortable with animals than with people. This is a social personality disorder that prevents sufferers relating to others, leading to them being perceived as a loner or aloof.


Schizotypal personality disorder: This is similar to schizoid disorder although sufferers may have a few close friends although they are unlikely to be members of their immediate family.


Antisocial personality disorder:  A person with this disorder very often acts in ways that are perceived as others as being antisocial. They are likely to speak without regard for the effects of their words on others.


Histrionic personality disorder: This type of personality disorder is more than just attention-seeking. A sufferer has a compulsive and uncontrollable need to be constantly recognized and reassured by others.


Narcissistic personality disorder: This is a disorder that stems from deep-seated insecurities relating to feelings of self-worth. A narcissist is likely to display a personality that is full of self-importance with a sense of having control over others.


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