Trauma Disorders

Trauma Disorders
Understanding Trauma Disorders


A trauma disorder is a type of mental illness caused by a deeply traumatic experience or event. Although the perspective of trauma varies from person to person, the most common triggers include: witnessing or being the victim of violent crime, the loss of a loved one, experiencing a natural disaster or having served in active combat. The symptoms of trauma disorders can be very frightening and include flashbacks, depression, anxiety, panic disorder and other often debilitating symptoms.


Types of Trauma Disorders

Although there are different types of trauma disorders, they are all commonly characterized by being caused by an experience or event. This varies from other types of mental illness, which can often result from different factors such as genetics and substance abuse.


There are five principal trauma-related disorders, as follows:


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): This trauma disorder is most commonly associated with Veterans but also applies to people who have witnessed or been the victim of a particularly violent scene such as assault or murder.


Acute Stress Disorder (ASD): This is a less persistent type of response to a traumatic event or experience. Symptoms generally emerge quickly after the incident and last anything from just a few days to a few weeks. This varies from PTSD which is a prolonged and persistent mental illness unless treatment is sought.


Adjustment Disorders (AD): We all find it difficult to adjust to the changes life throws at us, particularly if it is as a result of a loved one’s death. Someone with an adjustment disorder has an extreme reaction to stressful experiences or drastic changes and is consequently unable to cope.


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