Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders
Understanding Mood Disorders


Someone with a mood disorder suffers from a distortion in the way they feel about things that is inconsistent with the reality of their circumstances. They will swing from extreme sadness (depression), sometimes with alternative periods of excessive happiness, (mania).  We all face stresses in our daily lives but most of us are able to brush them off after a short response. Others have more difficulty dealing with their feelings, resulting in an inability to function as a consequence. One of the biggest risks a person with a mood disorder faces is suicide, which is mainly because they are not in control of their thoughts and feelings.



There are different types of mood disorder including the following:


Major depressive disorder — characterized by a persistent and prolonged depression


Bipolar disorder — otherwise known as manic depression, a sufferer will have “bouts” of extreme sadness or elation, some of which can last for weeks or months


Cyclothymic disorder — similar in nature to bipolar although mood swings are less extreme


Premenstrual dysphoric disorder —otherwise known as PMS, this precedes menstruation by a few days and its symptoms can be debilitating for females from the onset of puberty in extreme cases


Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder — this is most commonly diagnosed in children and is characterized by severe outbursts of rage not consistent with their developmental age


It is important to diagnose mood disorders at the earliest opportunity, particularly if the individual is below the age of 25 as their brains are still developing. One of the top mental health rehab services in Southern California is Casa Recovery, which offers personalized treatment programs for all types of mood disorders.


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