Why Casa?

Why Casa Recovery for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment?

Casa Recovery provides effective, highly personalized, and affordable rehabilitation programs to treat substance abuse and mental health in Southern California. Our most successful program is our 90-day program, but we also have flexible 30-day and 60-day treatment programs, and a six-month individualized program for those who need extended assistance.

Casa Recovery Offers an Individualized Program

We are a family-focused, collaborative treatment program that is committed to clinical excellence and quality care. As a family-owned facility, offering a supportive, therapeutic environment is a priority. To be effective in treatment, we believe an individualized approach is necessary to address the diverse needs and challenges of each person. Our program offers highly-individualized treatment planning and a wrap-around clinical team as your recovery family.

Casa Recovery Follows Proven Treatment Methods

Our primary goal is to address the underlying issues that are preventing you from living a happy and fulfilled life. We address trauma, mental disorders and we address the root of the substance use or addiction issues. Casa Recovery follows proven treatment methods including:

As well as experiential and Holistic treatment options including:

Casa Recovery Has a Qualified Team of Professionals

Here at Casa Recovery, we are very proud of our qualified team of behavioral and mental health professionals with years of experience. Our clinical staff is licensed, certified, and experienced in treating addiction disorders. Our family of psychiatrists, medical physicians, alcohol and drug counselors, and family and marriage therapists are committed to helping clients find true healing.

Casa Recovery Treats Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Casa Recovery uses a variety of evidenced-based curriculum as well as proven holistic methods for the treatment of:

Casa Recovery Offers Multiple Treatment Options

Casa Recovery uses various proven treatment methods to provide different levels of care, such as:

Whether in-state or out-of-state, we would love to partner with you in your recovery.


Our Care Team is Ready to Answer Any Questions.

Casa Recovery offers a wide range of treatment options for those struggling with mental health and co-occurring issues. We are here for you and ready to assist in any way we can. Contact us right now to get the help you deserve from a group of people who care.