Why Do a 90-Day Addiction Treatment Recovery Program

Being caught up in addiction is all-consuming and affects all areas of life including work, health, and relationships. Changes in brain chemistry and behavior will influence how you see things and how you interact in the world. In order to turn this around you may need to consider a 90-day stay in recovery.

Many people requiring mental health treatment are struggling with substance abuse issues also. Addiction is a type of mental illness that is often accompanied by another and when people have two co-existing health conditions, they are known as dual-diagnosis. Some people become addicted to substances as a result of using them to relieve the symptoms of mental illness. On the other hand, others develop the symptoms of a mental illness as a direct consequence of substance abuse. In both cases, a 90-day residential treatment program offers them the best chances of long-term recovery.

The Pros of 90-Day Mental Health Treatment Programs

Residential mental health treatment which lasts for 90-days has been shown to promote long-term recovery at higher rates than shorter programs. This is because patients are immersed in a healing environment for a long period of time, which allows them to fully address all the underlying issues driving their illness. Longer rehab programs are generally better for people who have tried and failed to quit using substances before or who have relapsed several times after treatment.

The first phase of mental health treatment where there are substance abuse issues is detox. A 90-day program gives patients plenty of time to overcome withdrawal at a slower pace than shorter programs. Depending on what substances have been used and for how long, withdrawal symptoms can be severe and can persist for many weeks after detox. A 90-day program ensures patients have enough time to completely detox their bodies from the accumulated toxins of substance abuse.

Addiction and mental illnesses are different for every individual who suffers. It is important that a treatment program works with the individual’s unique situation to find the best recovery route. A 90-day program involves intensive therapy and counseling sessions that are invaluable in promoting long-term recovery.

What is Involved in 90-Day Alcohol and Drug Recovery and Rehab?

It is widely considered that the first 90 days of recovery are the most significant and the most likely period of time for relapse. Once you have entered a 90-day recovery program you are already increasing your chances of long-term sobriety. You will be assessed and evaluated and a treatment plan will be developed accordingly. Your supervised detox will begin and any issues raised whether they are physical, mental, or emotional will be addressed between you and the team of trained and experienced specialists.

Through counseling, addiction education, group, and individual therapy, you will play an active part in your rehabilitation and establish new stable and sober routines which will usually include exercise and relaxation techniques. Clients find that stability and routine are comforting and you get to practice strategies learned for preventing relapse and reinforce new patterns of thinking in a sober environment.

It is important to heal the body, mind, and spirit and this can be achieved through healthy sleeping patterns, healthy eating and healthy sober activities with like-minded people. A 90 day stay in a rehab center allows you to build a support network and establish new behavior patterns. You may move on to a therapeutic community or sober living house as part of your treatment where you can practice abstinence in a more homely setting.

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