Thinking of an Intervention for a Loved One? 3 Tips to Consider First

Being a family member or friend to someone who struggles with addiction can be scary and can sometimes seem hopeless. However, an intervention can allow for a change in the pattern in which your loved one is going through, and can sometimes open up a whole new world for them outside of their addiction. Here are some tips on how to successfully hold on an intervention:

Have a Strong Team to Assist

The people that attend and participate in an intervention should be with people that know and love the addicted person. Some common people to participate, including spouses, parents, siblings, and best friends. Some groups also choose to hire an Interventionist, who can keep tempers down and lead the conversation in a productive and embracing manner. Skilled Interventionists have been trained and have been in these spaces multiple times, and can help lead it to the most successful outcome possible.

Hold a Trial Run

By bringing the group together prior to the actual intervention and without the addicted person, the group will be able to grasp the emotions and work through some of them beforehand to help keep the actual intervention focused and on task. It can also help people calm their nerves about speaking such emotional words, and can also allow everyone to hear the flow of the conversation and add or subtract content depending on what is being said.

Use a Private and Neutral Zone

While it might seem the most natural to hold the intervention in the family home, the addicted person might retreat to a bedroom or bathroom to get away from the intervention or feel as though they are not on a level playing field if they don’t live in that home. By having the intervention at a formal space such as a conference room or in a therapist’s office, everyone is on a level playing field and the addicted person is more than likely to stay for the duration because they don’t immediately know of a place they could retreat to.

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