The Importance of a Healthy Diet in Recovery

There’s more to successful recovery from dependence on drugs or alcohol than quitting cold turkey. In fact, without proper supervision and guidance, many inadvertently sabotage their own success by neglecting the other aspects of their life while they are in recovery. One of the things a recovering substance abuser may forget is the importance of maintaining a proper, healthy diet.

You Are What You Eat

For most who struggle with addiction, a good diet is not a priority in the remotest sense. When a person struggles with a deep-seated dependence on drugs or alcohol, the desire for substances overrides almost every other basic human need. Instead of carefully planning meals, getting a solid eight hours of sleep every night and maintaining proper hygiene, many who suffer from addiction can only look forward to their next drink or next high. As a result, those dependent on drugs or alcohol often get by on very unhealthy diets that can consists of highly processed food, fast food or tainted food.

Healthful Food, Healthy Body

The vitamins and nutrients in the food a person eats have a huge effect on his or her health, but it doesn’t end there. Food has a powerful effect on mental health, outlook and positivity. One of the greatest improvements a recovering addict can make to his or her life is adhering to a consistent schedule that distracts from the mental pull toward drugs or alcohol. Food can do a lot to encourage routine and the self-discipline that’s so important to recovery. The simple satisfaction of eating a delicious meal you prepared yourself can have a massive psychological effect when trying to kick an addiction. A healthy diet will also help a person to feel better physically because the body will be getting what it needs to function at the highest level.

Casa Recovery Values A Healthy Diet

Treatment at Casa Recovery values the importance of food on the road to recovery. The Casa recovery treatment program includes three square meals a day prepared on our grounds. These meals provide nutrition, but they also encourage self-discipline and encourage the client to slow down and interact with other residents. Diet is one aspect of the holistic treatment method offered at Casa Recovery. The holistic treatment school of thought takes into account full-body health as well as health of the mind and spirit. At Casa Recovery, treatment is not just about the addiction; rather it is about the overall health of the person. 

Contact Casa Recovery today to learn more about how a healthful diet can improve the likelihood of a successful recovery. Our San Juan Capistrano, CA, addiction recovery center employs an expert staff that is well-equipped to assist in almost any situation, for almost every type of addiction. If you or somebody you know is suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, call Casa Recovery today to explore what we can do for you at our Orange County, CA addiction treatment facility.

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