3 Tips to Stay Sober this Halloween

We’re in October! The month of pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and most importantly, Halloween. While this fun month of celebrations can be exciting and full of memorable times, it can also pose a challenge for someone focused on their sobriety. Halloween parties typically have all types of beverages and treats offered, and this could be a problem. Never fear! Here are some great tips on how to stay sober and strong this Halloween:

1. Trick or Treat!

Just because you aren’t under the age of 10 doesn’t mean you can’t be out trick or treating! If you have kids, take them, but if you don’t, you probably have a friend or two that do, and in that case, ask to tag along! Hanging with the kids might sound boring, but it’s great fun to walk around with them and feel the kid-sized excitement for the holiday. The best part? After the kids are asleep, raid their candy!

2. Be a Designated Driver

Halloween night (and the surrounding weekend for the parties) happens to be one of the major holidays that has a lot of driving accidents and fatalities. Help your friends out by offering to DD for them- it keeps you at the party, but you won’t be pushed to indulge in something you shouldn’t because you have the lives of your friends at hand. People (usually) respect the DD, so you can enjoy your friend’s company without feeling pressured to drink.

3. Throw Your Own Party!

Don’t want to be around temptations? Throw your own party! You regulate what comes in and out, and if you don’t buy it, it won’t be there. Sometimes, party-goers feel like they are helping when they bring alcohol to the party, but when inviting people, you can let them know that it won’t be that type of party. Rather, you would appreciate snacks or desserts instead. Most people would respect that, and you will end up having a great party that stays in line with your sobriety.

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