The Importance of Setting Goals During Recovery

The Importance of Setting Goals During Recovery

Understanding How Setting Goals Can Aid in Recovery


The journey from addiction to recovery is all about moving forward, which is why it is always a good idea to set goals to keep track of achievements. In the initial months of recovery, people often find that they are very deliberate in the way they behave so as to avoid relapsing. As time passes, this behavior becomes more familiar and before long, it is much easier to deal with each day at a time. Setting goals is an excellent way of measuring your progress and boost your motivation.


Keeping a Healthy Mind in Recovery

It is natural to expect there to be challenges on the recovery road. There will also likely be mistakes made. It is vital that when that happens, you don’t feel that you’ve failed. Mistakes aren’t the result of failure but an indication that there’s a different route to success. When you set goals for yourself, you have a definite plan in your mind which makes it less likely mistakes will be made in the first place.


You should avoid setting goals that are too far down the road. In fact, if you have a burning ambition for something, set smaller milestones that light the path to what you really want. Always make your goals achievable and don’t give yourself too much time to achieve them to avoid procrastination. When you set a goal in your mind, it is a good idea to commit it to paper too so that you can refer back to your intentions at difficult times.


One of the most important things learned in rehab is how to structure your life and introduce more self-discipline. It helps to make yourself as busy in positive ways as possible so that your mind doesn’t dwell on substance use and abuse. It’s always worth taking time to write down your dreams and desires along with a plan on how to achieve them, as this reinforces positive thinking.


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