Self-Esteem and Addiction Recovery

Self-Esteem and Addiction Recovery

How Self-Esteem Aids in Addiction Recovery


Many people who struggle with substance abuse suffer from low self-esteem and an unrealistic idea of self-worth. As part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program, it is important to improve self-esteem in order to protect against relapse. It is not always easy for people to determine what is important in making them feel good about themselves, but therapy can help. Here we take a look at the role of self-esteem in a healthy recovery.


Importance of Healthy Self-Esteem

When people have a more positive self-image, they are capable of accepting new challenges and take necessary risks. This is mainly because they have confidence in themselves and their abilities, which is the result of learning from mistakes without being overly self-critical.


Therapy in rehab is used to address the areas a person feels a lack of confidence. This is done by encouraging self-exploration to identify strengths and weaknesses, dreams and desires, etc.


With therapy, patients are able to establish the characteristics of people with a healthy self-image which include:


  • Awareness and acceptance of strengths
  • An optimistic outlook
  • The ability to learn from mistakes
  • The confidence to understand personal limitations
  • Healthy self-care
  • Firm boundary-setting and the ability to say “no”
  • Self-awareness without denial


Low self-esteem is a problem for people seeking to overcome substance abuse. However, therapy at a specialist facility such as Casa Recovery can play a significant role in boosting confidence. Ultimately, there is no one approach to overcoming addiction. Effective recovery hinges on there being a strong support system in place, which Casa Recovery offers as part of a personalized rehab program.


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