Importance of Having a Strong Support System During Recovery

Research shows that when people leaving rehab for mental illness are supported in recovery, they are more likely to succeed. People with mental health issues like depression, anxiety or substance abuse often become withdrawn and isolated from those around them. This can be for varying reasons including a fear of being misunderstood or the fact the person is in denial of there being a problem. Having people provide support in recovery is vital in determining outcomes; here we take a look at why that is.


The Importance of a Healthy Support System


One of the most important aspects of mental health treatment is group therapy. This is mainly because it provides people with a platform to communicate what they are going through to others who understand them. People residing at rehab at the same time are able to discuss intensely personal issues among peers who are experiencing similar situations and circumstances themselves. This camaraderie and mutual understanding is powerful motivation to continue in recovery from a mental illness.


Support comes in different forms, depending on the personal beliefs and preferences of the individual. Perhaps the best known are traditional support groups based on the 12-step program like AA and NA. However, this traditional faith-based approach is not for everyone and so there are plenty of other support groups that are peer-led or organized by rehab centers offering an alternative solution.


It is really important that people in recovery from mental illness have others they can reach out to as and when they need to. The stresses of daily life represent a significant challenge to someone in recovery and so it helps to have support readily available. This can either be through an online community, group therapy sessions or telephone, which allows for support to be available around-the-clock.


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