Improve Your Mental Health This Summer

Most of us look forward to the summer, especially if we are only allowed limited vacation time with our jobs. However, for some people struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness, the summer can trigger difficult thoughts and feelings. Some sufferers feel they are completely losing control of the way they feel, which overwhelms them and often leading to them becoming withdrawn or isolated from others.

Here we give you six tips for improving your mental health this summer:

1) Get Moving

Physical exercise is well known to have very beneficial effects on well-being. This is because physical activity causes natural production of serotonin which creates a natural “high” with endorphins. Regular exercise also boosts self-confidence and overall well-being.

2) Set a Goal

You might want to train for an event or simply fine-tune your body to fit into a bikini in the summer. Setting a goal identifies what you want to achieve and allows you to monitor your progress toward accomplishing your objectives.

3) Plan a Getaway

Removing yourself completely from familiar environments is one of the best ways of finding true relaxation. Stress is very harmful for your mental health and it is often impossible to switch off unless we are in a completely different location. Plan a getaway in the summer so that you have some all-important “me-time” booked.

4) Get Outside

Being in the sunshine is enormously beneficial, as long as you don’t overdo it obviously. Slap on the sun screen and get in the great outdoors to feel immediately uplifted.

5) Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

The holistic practice of mindfulness simply means finding true relaxation in the moment. These techniques are especially beneficial for people who have a constant internal dialogue that fees them negative thoughts and feelings. Learning how to switch off this dialogue to focus on deep-breathing and posture is an effective weapon to combat mental illness.

6) Make Good Use of Vacation Time

Make sure that you leave behind all your responsibilities if you take a vacation, and if possible all your devices too. It really is important to be completely removed from the day-to-day so that you can focus entirely on you without distraction.

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