How Your Environment Can Affect Your Mental Health

The environment you live and work in is extremely important to your mental health. It makes sense that if you live in a house or work in an office where there are stressful circumstances or difficult relationships that some people may not be able to cope. It is not uncommon for people experiencing stress in their environment to go on to develop a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. Here we take a closer look at why your environment has a direct effect on your mental health.


How Environment Affects Mental Health

We come under the influence of people and places on a daily basis. Most of us are able to cope with a degree of stress in our daily lives but for others, it is more difficult. If we have stressful jobs, difficult financial circumstances, relationship problems or have recently lost a loved one, we may find it harder than usual to cope with daily life. Some people have a more extreme response to negative events in their environment, which usually requires professional mental health treatment.


Most of us recognize that a person with substance abuse issues is likely to be goaded to continue by other people they mix with. The places where others openly abuse drugs or alcohol become environments that enable people with substance abuse problems to continue in their self-destruction. This is the main reason it is often more effective to be completely removed from the environment as an inpatient in residential rehab.


People with mental health issues very often withdraw from those close to them for fear of being misunderstood. This may become noticeable to others at home or the workplace and they are best placed to offer support. Many people with mental illnesses are unaware that they have problems that can be effectively treated and it is often others who help them pursue professional help. The environment has as much influence in a person’s healing from mental illness as it does in its original development.


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