The number of overdose deaths among adolescents abusing opioids has been consistently rising in recent years. This has thrown pediatric specialists into medicating for substances more usually abused by older people and has required a dramatic rethink of how to deliver treatment specifically to adolescents. Although in general, an inpatient treatment program would be recommended for an adult opioid addict, adolescents can often respond as outpatients as they may not have developed total drug dependence at the time they seek help.

Addiction Treatment by a Pediatrician Can Ease the Adolescent into Rehab

One of the main advantages of an adolescent with opioid addiction being treated by a pediatrician is that it removes the stigma and inconvenience that they could experience in a specialized drug addiction recovery center. Therapies that are family-directed have been proven the best approach when treating addicted adolescents and involve the attitudes and actions of the whole family, particularly parents.

Pediatricians Can Help the Whole Family Cope with Addiction

It’s also helpful to have the parents of the addicted teen present during treatment as they can provide a valuable insight to their offspring’s character and personality, which in turns helps the pediatrician create a rehab program that completely meets their needs. For example, if your teen has a history of violent outbursts which are commonplace with opioid abuse, a pediatrician can teach you coping mechanisms to help you handle emergencies and trigger situations going forward.

Pediatricians Are Gaining the Latest Knowledge on Adolescent Drug Abuse

In response to the rising problem of teen drug abuse, pediatricians across the country now have access to support and education to enable them to deliver the best programs to young sufferers. This means that best practices are already coming to light as a result of increased research into adolescent opioid addition and treatment programs managed by pediatricians are continually advancing.

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